This Is The Difference Between Falling In Love And Choosing To Love

Scott Webb
Scott Webb

I fell in love with you on that Monday, when I was beyond ill, and you cradled me in your arms, and made sure I had everything I needed, including all your TLC. And when I asked you if this was grossing you out the slightest, you looked at me and with a little smirk, you shook your head and said no.

I fell in love with you
on that Tuesday when we laid in bed and did nothing at all. We lay side by side and talked till sunset, about life, about the world, about where we thought we stood in it.

I fell in love with you on that Wednesday when I had a bad day and you came over with wine and pizza and we watched “An Idiot Abroad” and you kept making me laugh till my hurting stomach was more than the hurt in my world.

I fell in love with you on that Thursday when I was stressed and studying for an upcoming exam, and you still dragged me to the gym to de-stress and then came to the library to accompany me whilst I studied.

I fell in love with you on that Friday when I went out to the clubs with my friends and came home to a glass of water, an aspirin and a note that said, “Drink this and eat that. I’ll be over tomorrow morning with breakfast xxx” and you really did come over.

I fell in love with you
on that Saturday when we went for a walk from our town all the way to the next. We jumped into puddles, went into the woods neighboring the path and played like children. And you hadn’t brought your jacket and it was 10 degrees but you walked anyway because I wanted to.


I decided to love you
on that Sunday when the sun rose and the light was peeking through the blinds and it hit you in your face and you squinted as you opened your eyes and I saw the world in them, my world. And you saw that I was awake and you smiled and pulled me into your embrace and it felt like a jigsaw puzzle coming together and it was safe and it was warm.

It was then, that I decided
that no matter what happened, no matter how your little quirks annoyed me to no end sometimes, I would never stop choosing to love you, choosing to fight for an us.

Because falling in love and choosing to love are worlds apart and sometimes, it’s the choices that keep us going. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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