When You Start To Doubt Yourself, Do This

We all have insecurities — those we own, and those we pretend don’t exist. They come and go as we grow, and we never quite escape them. We learn to manage them, but they never truly go away.

And in the dark moments of our life, when things are uncertain, when we feel lost, when we are at a crossroads, when we feel like a failure, they resurface. Those little voices come back whispering our weaknesses and fallacies in hushed taunts until our skin prickles with doubt.

The doubts can grow if left unchecked, and when they do, we can lose sight of some of the greatest people, places, and opportunities in life.

So what we do?

When you doubt your intelligence – remind yourself you can always learn, and that nobody can know everything.

When you doubt your body – get up, move, breathe, use it. Remember how strong it can be and how beautifully you can use it.

When you doubt your choices – remember, we can all make mistakes, but everything has a purpose, even if you don’t know it yet. And if you really regret it, make amends, go back, and try again. Some things are worth second chances.

When you doubt which way to move forward – close your eyes and simply put one foot forward, then another, then another. You’ll open your eyes eventually and realize you’re on the path you’re meant to be on.

When you doubt you can love again – remember you loved once before, so it’s possible to do so again. And if it hurts right now, just get up every day, move your body, and try to get through to tomorrow. Repeat until you’re ready to try again.

When you doubt you can survive the pain you feel – you can. You may need help, it may take time, it may be hard, but you can survive. You can survive so long as you endure it and feel it and live through it. You can survive pain, but the worst thing you can do is lock it inside to avoid it, because if you do, one day, you won’t survive when it all gets out.

When you doubt your worth – write five things down you love about yourself. Write them over and over until they’re stuck in your brain.

When you doubt your intuition – don’t. Just go with it, it’s rarely wrong. Good intuition, bad intuition — trust it. And when you don’t, don’t be afraid to ask the hard questions.

When you doubt if you’ll ever be successful – pause and re-evaluate what success is to you. Chances are, you’re getting there and are closer than you think.

When you doubt if you measure up to those around you – throw the ruler away. The only person worth measuring yourself against is the person you were yesterday.

When you doubt you’re capable of growth and improvement – recognize that you are capable, but that the path to get there means owning your faults, your negative mindsets and behaviors, and ultimately choosing to change.

When you doubt the life you live – look at it, appreciate what you have, and then consider if you still want more. Why? Do you really want more or do you feel pressured to? Do you love you life as it is, even if it’s different, or are others telling you it’s wrong because it’s not theirs? In this case, stop doubting your life if it’s what you want, because you are the one living it.

When you doubt whether you will ever be truly happy – you will be happy, you probably are right now, but know you can’t always be so.

When you doubt if you should stay in one place or go – go, and go far, because you can always come home.

When you doubt you’re ready – you never are. In love especially, you are never ready, but you have to be brave enough to try. And if you’re not yet, that’s okay too. But when you doubt you’re ready, know you never will be.

Doubts make us beautifully imperfect. And they make each of us unique in the strengths we have within us, in the way we help others grow, and in the paths we choose in life.

So when doubts arise, when your mind is flooded and you begin to feel weighed down or trapped, remember: every doubt has a purpose, so use it. Use your insecurities to create change, to take risks, to be who you are. Use your doubts to fuel the fire inside you. Wse them every day in love and life to push yourself to be better tomorrow than you were today. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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