I Want A Love Like A Lighthouse

Kay Gaensler
Kay Gaensler

I want a love like a lighthouse.

Not a love like a burning fire that is bright at first, but ends up being so overpowering that it eventually burns away all of the oxygen in its fiery passion and is quickly extinguished.

I want a love like a lighthouse, not a love like a candle that stands, a beautiful but small, shakable testimony, easily silenced.

I want a love like a lighthouse, not a shooting star, careening across hearts, fascinating everyone with its flashy image, only to disappear seconds later into the dark night sky.

I want a love like a lighthouse. Sturdy. Strong. Never changing.

Lighthouses get to witness beautiful sunny days at the beach, but they also live through fierce storms, buffeted by the wind, standing ever constant. Lighthouses are not fickle.

They do not flee. Lighthouses stand proud, leading the way, even in the darkest of nights. They shine a bright, dependable beam of hope into the chasm of darkness that is the sky.

Lighthouses lead people safe to shore. They show people where to anchor in safety. They breathe comfort and security even in the midst of typhoons and hurricanes. They stand strong through all and never stop guiding people home.

I want a love like a lighthouse. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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