If You’re Loved By An INFJ, You’re Lucky

Clem Onojeghuo
Clem Onojeghuo

INFJs are considered one of the more mercurial personalities among the 16 Myers-Briggs types.

On first impression, they may appear to be stable, confident, and intelligent; but often it does not take long to see the intricacies of their boundless thoughts and feelings. It is for this reason that it can be hard for INFJs to find romantic partners. But romance is close to the INFJ’s heart; and once they find a partner who can appreciate their complexities, they will be dedicated to the success of their significant other until the end.

Here are 6 reasons why you are lucky if you are loved by an INFJ:

1. They’re intuitive.

INFJs tend to rely heavily on their famed intuition about people and situations. Usually they can accurately sense the outcome of a scenario or certain characteristics of a person. An INFJ will be able to sense your mood or feelings without saying a word, and seek out ways to love and support you.

2. They’re incredibly self-aware.

While they may be effusive with their affection right off the bat, it is very difficult to enter into an INFJ’s inner world and get a comprehensive picture of who they are. They tend to be reactionary to the energy of their surroundings, which means that their responses are not always predictable. This requires the INFJ to develop a high level of self-awareness and an ability to tell you how they’re feeling in each moment.

3. They’re goal-oriented.

While INFJs usually experience sweeping feelings, they are dedicated to following through with their commitments. An INFJ’s empathy, paired with their action-oriented nature, allows the INFJ to approach relationship issues with compassion and a goal to find the solution.

4. They shine creatively.

INFJs have a proclivity for creative endeavors, while also possessing the willpower to follow through with their ideas. In a romantic relationship, INFJs will continually look for unique ways to exhibit their love for you, whether it’s through a date, a gift, or a compliment.

5. They will always work hard to communicate with you.

INFJs withhold large parts of themselves until they are sure that you are trustworthy; but once this has been established, the INFJ will find ways to communicate with you throughout the day. It could be through a funny meme, a poem, a shared song, or a handwritten letter; but whatever it is, it will be a conduit for sharing their feelings for you.

6. They’re understanding of your flaws and always willing to forgive you.

Possibly one of the most valuable qualities INFJs possess is their ability to forgive themselves and other people. They are able to recognize the volatility of human nature, which allows them to understand the motives behind people’s actions. This is especially true for the people who INFJs fall in love with; these select individuals have been granted access into an INFJ’s heart: a place that is difficult to exit once entered. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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