Here Are 4 Things Many People Get Wrong About Creatives

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While “creative” hasn’t always been a noun, it’s recently taken shape as a way for innovative individuals to define themselves.

From the traditional artists to the savvy business owners, creatives can all identify with one common trait: the desire to influence others.

Some creatives have made the brave decision to say goodbye to their 9-5, in favor of pursuing something more meaningful.

Others are still boarding the traditional train, yet slowly but surely exploring a separate hustle on the side.

While the entrepreneurial mindset has grown in popularity, it’s still a growing concept.

Therefore, it’s still common for others to form misconceptions about the individuals who embark on this type of lifestyle.

Here are four things that people often get wrong about creatives:

1. Their minds are always bursting with inspiration.

Although creative people are known for “thinking outside the box”, this doesn’t mean that grand ideas are instantly pulled out of thin air.

Rather than waiting around for the light bulb to appear above their head, creatives allow their mind to wander.

They fixate on everyday occurrences and dig deeper. They carve out time from their daily tasks to daydream.

It’s not about finding that magic spark of inspiration – it’s about creating that spark through collective thoughts and ideas.

2. They’re reckless.  

Money-minded people typically emphasize earnings over influence. Therefore, they often can’t fathom the mindset of the creative.

They might admire their talent, but won’t perceive it as a practical endeavor with value.

Others take their critique one step further and regard creatives as careless and impulsive.

In actuality, creatives can be some of the most careful and sensible people in the business world.

They put their creativity to good use by avidly exploring a variety of paths and measuring potential outcomes.

They learn how to capitalize on their top skills and overall value, in order to map out a carefully curated plan for success.

Creativity isn’t always about living in a fantasy word – it’s also about imagining your way into something tangible.

3. They feel trapped by tradition.

While creatives do get restless in mundane roles, they’re not always aching to quit and start from scratch.

While the idea of breaking free has certainly crossed their mind, they also find value in everyday rituals.

They look at common practices in a new light, and identify areas where they can add a unique spin.

They offer their creative ideas to concepts that are begging for a refreshing improvement.

Creatives probably won’t last in a traditional job forever – but they’ll make the most of it while they’re still around.

4. They are doing what they do best, so everything must be a breeze.

People often envy creatives for turning their favorite hobby into a passion, assuming that their life must be simple and stress-free.

In reality, it’s very much the opposite.

Creatives may be following their dream, but that doesn’t make them exempt from their fair share of difficulties.

Writer’s block, anyone?

In fact, since creatives can be especially self-critical, they often experience an increased amount of frustration and disappointment in their own work.

Plus, creating art isn’t all sunshine and rainbows – it’s also about selling yourself to your audience and effectively standing out from the competition.

That active self-promotion will always open up the potential opportunity for rejections, backlash, and negativity.

So rather than equating the creative lifestyle to “a breeze,” it might be better described as “partly cloudy.”

Those gloomy clouds might get in the way, but that glimpse of sunlight serves as a reminder that it’s all worth it. TC mark

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