Here Are 3 Common Dating ‘No-Nos’ That Might Actually Be Worth Exploring

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Modern day dating is (for a lack of a better word) a shitshow. We’re at that age where we want to get serious, but also enjoy screenshotting cringey conversations and instigating a group chat roast.

Regardless of how non-traditional today’s dating world is, we sometimes find ourselves listening to oddly conventional advice.

The truth is, we’ve already committed to the off-beat path – and there’s really no turning back now.

Rather than immediately shying away from a situation because you’ve been cautioned against it, why not ditch the norms and see where things go?

Here are three known dating no-nos that may actually be worth exploring:

1. Writing someone off because you met at a bar.

Sometimes we immediately shove people away in the “non-serious” aisle, simply because we met them while intoxicated.

To be fair, a blacked out conversation won’t always transgress into true love.

That being said, a serious relationship evolving out of a bar makeout isn’t exactly far-fetched these days.

While our parents may be a little unsettled by the thought, those love-at-first-sight moments at the coffee shop are a little more hard to come by.

If both of you are receptive, try hanging out sober…ish.

If it’s unbearably awkward, run.

If your beer goggles weren’t entirely deceptive and you actually have a good time, take it for what it’s worth.

After all, you often end up meeting the best people when you’re not actively forcing a connection.

2. Avoiding the “situationship” at all costs.

Steering clear from commitment and definite labels, millennials are all about the situationships.

These faux-relationships allow us to take another person for a “test drive.” We essentially take our sweet time to determine whether or not we want to date them for real.

Of course, these “almost relationships” can’t go on forever. One or both parties will eventually reach their breaking point, and that no-commitment comfort will rapidly disintegrate.

However, there is significant value in keeping things casual in the initial stages.

Before defining our relationship status, we need to define ourselves.

There’s no harm in taking some time to figure out what you want, as long as you’re open with the other person about it.

If you’re making things official based on feedback from others, you’re doing it for all the wrong reasons.

3. Expecting an elaborate date.

Dating was significantly classier in our parents’ era, involving more fancy dinners and romantic strolls.

In a committed relationship, your significant other should certainly treat you to one of these from time to time.

However, in the early stages, there’s no reason to scoff at an invite to casually grab drinks.

First dates are nerve-wracking – and a low-key date can actually serve to take some pressure off.

Rather than perceiving it as a “cheap date”, observe how things progress when you two know each other better.

Your date should still be trying to impress you, but there may be a little less “wooing” than you see in the movies.

While classic dating advice may be familiar to us, it’s also important to keep up with the times.

Since you’re already dipping your toes into unorthodox dating rituals, you might as well go all in. TC mark


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