5 Things That All Ambitious But Seemingly Lazy People Will Understand


It’s highly likely that you may read the title above, and raise an eyebrow in confusion. Driven people are notorious for NOT bummin it, so it’s impossible to link the two – right? Not always.

Here’s the thing – I consider myself to be a pretty motivated person. I’m goal-oriented, I’m tough on myself when I don’t meet my own expectations, and I’m always my happiest when I’m conscious that I’m being productive and working towards becoming better. That being said, I’d be lying if I said that frequent Netflix binges are entirely out of the question.

So this article is for the self-established workaholics, whose lackadaisical tendencies may seem initially out of place – but truly make perfect sense once you dive a little deeper. Here are 5 things that all committed but simultaneously lethargic people will understand:

1. While it may look like you’re relaxing, it’s often the opposite.

Your roommate may notice you haven’t left your bed all day, and assume that you’re catching up on Shameless while scrolling through Instagram. You very well could be – and why not? What are Sundays for if not for being immobile and lounging around in your PJs all day? However, often times you are using this alone time to think and reflect.

Essentially, you’re utilizing your creative energy that you haven’t been able to throughout the busy work week – and the absence of distractions makes it all the more possible. Even though you may not be physically moving, your mind sure is.

2. Although you seem to thrive on a busy schedule, being constantly on the move is a huge stressor for you.

The worst sensation for you is feeling that you are merely “going through the motions.” You appreciate being involved in activities with purpose – and that involves knowing that you are contributing to something in a positive way. When it begins to feel like that lack of meaning is absent, that’s when your anxiety makes an unwelcome appearance. You crave time to stop and just be present – and life doesn’t always let that happen.

3. You love to-do lists and planning – to the point where you even set aside an allotted period for “down time”.

You’re fine with “just chillin” – but only on your own terms. This causes problems when a friend or significant other’s timing gets in the way of yours. You can’t shake that discomfort of adjusting your schedule to accommodate, because you always have a clear vision of how you want your day to go. You know that carving out time to relax is crucial for your well-being, but you still like being in control of when and for how long.

4. You’re either all in or not at all.

When it is imperative to multi-task, you oblige – but it’s not your favorite thing in the world. Instead, when it comes to partaking in a certain activity, you prefer to devote all of your time and energy to just that – and nothing else. For instance, when a particular article idea appears like a lightbulb above my head, I have to tackle it right then and there. I don’t let myself take breaks or zone out. My friend always makes fun of me because he knows I do the same thing even with something as trivial as watching a show on Netflix. I will sit my ass down and watch that show with no distractions or interruptions – or else.

5. You got decent grades in school – but your intelligence didn’t really show itself until later on.

You never really stood out as someone who was “going places” in life, and it’s because you were quietly following your own passions and moving forward when you knew you were ready to do so. Performing well in school was always important to you, but then you became cognizant of that one thing that ignited a spark in you like nothing else did. And that’s when what might be perceived as “laziness” to others is when you’re actually working the hardest to become the best you can be. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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