4 Signs That As Much As You Love Summer, You’re Seriously Ready For It To End


I’m going to state an unpopular opinion here and say that I have never fully understood the hype about fall weather. Sure the leaves are pretty, and Halloween is always something to look forward to (in terms of getting shitfaced and acting like a college freshman who just stumbled into their first frat party), but am I missing something here? Does the root of excitement truly stem from the much-anticipated appearance of pumpkin spice lattes?

Needless to say, I am a summer person. Beach vacations, cookouts, lounging by the pool all day sipping a cold drink (or 6) – what’s not to like? Plus, let’s be honest – we all look infinitely more attractive with a tan.

However, as much as many of us fully enjoy the summer months, sometimes they can start getting the best of us.

Here are 4 indications that no matter how summer-obsessed you may be, you might just be getting a bit too much sun (among other things):

1. Your drinking habits have spiraled out of control – and your rationalization is that the weather is amazing.

When you receive judgmental feedback to stirring up a mixed drink at 9:30 am, your matter-of- fact response is “The sun’s out!” This was cute for a while – until you can’t remember the last day you spent without consuming an alcoholic beverage.

You always claim that you could never go back to your wild partying days in college (come on – you do have a real job now), but you’re slowly starting to realize that you’re already more than halfway there. Once you find yourself organizing Beer Olympics in your parents’ backyard, you know that you’ve reached the point of no return.

2. You’ve had fling after fling after fling – and none of them are going anywhere.

Summer is essentially the perfect time to enter a casual fling – after all, we do have some more time before the big leagues of lockin ‘em down for cuffing season. However, eventually you begin to realize that you’re relating a little too hard to those Luke Bryan lyrics “I’m a little drunk on you and high on summertime” – because there’s absolutely nothing past the surface.

Among the bonfire makeouts and the boardwalk canoodling, eventually you come to the realization that you’re sort of over it. And let’s face it – this was a lot cooler when you were sixteen.

3. Your work motivation has decreased significantly – because if you’re not planning a vacation, you’re daydreaming about where you’ll go next.

We all have those days where it’s hard to focus – no matter what time of year it is – but summer is easily the worst. Obviously, our excitement for an upcoming beach trip significantly trumps the idea of participating in a 2 hour conference call. Regardless, it’s our job – so we have to force ourselves to grin and bear it. Also, don’t even get me started on the pain of entering the office after a much-needed getaway. (Actually no, do get me started – because I am elaborating.)

This is obviously way worse than walking into school after summer vacation, because then you’re at least partially excited to see some new faces in your classes. In this case, you’re just seeing new emails in your inbox – about 600 of them, at that. #WelcomeBack

4. Because you’re constantly outdoors, you have the battle scars to show for it.

Damnnnn girl, those mosquito bites though! Additionally, many of us insist that we “never burn” (@me), so we slap on some half-assed SPF 5 and call it a day. After promptly passing out on the beach for 6 hours, we’re inevitably rocking the red when it’s time to hit the bars. And not in a sexy way.

Plus, random bruises have the tendency to make an appearance after any drunken night, but playing around outside frequently is a pretty easy way to increase those chances.

Over all, our carefree summer attitudes can sometimes do more harm than good. That being said, as soon as it starts getting just a tiny bit chillier outside, we all know that we’ll be aching to have those summer days back – although our dignity may or may not be included. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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