4 Things That All 20-Somethings Both Hate to Love And Love to Hate


Yes, this is another “20-something” article – and I apologize in advance for my lack of originality. Hold on for 6 more years, and I will finally be in my “flirty 30s” and writing articles about my lack of success in locking down a husband. (Kidding.)

Anyway, you know those people that refuse to like certain things because they’re “too trendy”? Well, there are several popular past times among us 20-somethings that we all truly want to hate as well. However, somehow, we keep finding ourselves doing them – over and over again. It’s an epidemic – and no matter how hard we try, it just can’t be stopped.

Here we go:

1. Boozy Brunch

It’s Saturday morning, and you look and feel like an absolute trainwreck. You’re rocking the raccoon eyeliner look, your phone is nowhere to be found, and you have just come to the soul-crushing realization that you texted your ex-boyfriend the lyrics to “We Belong Together” by Mariah Carey at 2:45 am. #KillinIt.

All you want to do is sleep the day away and avoid society forever, but oh wait – you can’t. Because you have a little something called brunch today. Don’t get me wrong – brunch with your best friends can be pretty awesome. Delicious food, bottomless mimosas… what’s not to like?

Well, when you were shitfaced the night before, brunch isn’t exactly the first place you want to be. After all, when you’re hungover, you most likely want to do things that require as little effort as possible. And even getting ready to look presentable to be in public is a stretch.

So, in conclusion, we love brunch – unless we hate ourselves at the moment we have to go.

2. Dating apps.

Oh, dating apps. As much as you mock them mercilessly, you still can’t bring yourself to delete them off your phone.

Maybe it’s the confidence boost of getting messages from attractive people. Or maybe it’s just the thrill of matching with people from high school who wouldn’t give you the time of day back then. OR (this is a popular one) you’re pretending that you only use them “as a joke” or “when you’re bored”, but secretly you’re hoping you’ll find something super amazing one day.

Whatever the case may be, I honestly don’t know anyone who hasn’t downloaded Tinder, Bumble, Hinge, etc, at least once – even if for just a day.

Overall, my opinion is that if you do decide to actively use them, go in with the mindset of “whatever happens, happens.” While you shouldn’t expect true love, you also shouldn’t necessarily write off everyone as a creep right off the bat. Considering we’re on a dating app here, I think it’s safe to say that we’re all being some level of creepy right now.

3. Functioning as an adult.

A steady-paying job, your own apartment, making your own financial decisions… it’s pretty amazing, isn’t it? Except when it’s not. The newfound independence has the ability to make us feel on top of the world some days, and crying for help from Mommy on others.

You know when you’re deciding between whether to splurge on those cute new heels or actually eat dinner this week? It’s situations like these that make us feel like we’re just not cut out for this life yet.

Just remember this – we’re all still broke-ish, stumbling through life and pretending like we know what we’re doing. You’re definitely not the only one who still doesn’t quite feel like an actual adult.

4. Being constantly connected.

You’re lying in bed after work attempting to relax, but find yourself responding to emails on your phone.

That guy didn’t text you back, but you saw he viewed your Snapchat story so he’s obviously ignoring you.

Your mom is trying to tell you a story, but you’re analyzing a text from a friend and attempting to concentrate on both.

You get the point. While being tech-savvy can make our lives so much more convenient, it can also negatively affect our mood. Additionally, with so many resources constantly available to us, it’s like we feel guilty when we’re not multitasking.

The concept of focusing on one thing at a time is pretty foreign to us, but it’s important to give it a try once in a while. (While typing this, I am simultaneously checking my work email at 11:15 am on Saturday morning.)

I’ll get there eventually – we all will. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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