4 Reasons Why Lazy Sundays Generate The Worst Feelings Ever

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Broad City

That Sunday feeling – we all know it well. While you believe that you deserve the chance to lounge around in your PJ’s all day, you simultaneously feel anxious about your responsibilities come Monday morning.

Over all, Sundays are an uncomfortable mixture between contentment and dread, and you’re just not really sure what to do with yourself.

Here’s why Sundays have the tendency to bring about those less-than-desirable emotions:

1. There’s a pretty good chance that you’re hungover.

You might not have even gone out last night. Maybe you had a few glasses of wine with dinner with your family. Well, lucky for you – your body has decided to retaliate for the alcoholic hell you put it through for 4 years, and therefore punishes you even when you engage in light drinking.

Hangovers sometimes don’t only make you feel sick – they can also make you hate yourself. Negative thoughts are consuming your mind, and just won’t shut up no matter how hard you try to silence them.

Or maybe you did go out last night. You started out smiling to yourself about a humorous encounter you had with the opposite sex at the bar. Then you start to overthink your actions, or what you said. But first, do you fully remember what you said or did? Wait –were you actually hammered last night?

After badgering yourself for drinking more than intended, you have somehow managed to arrive at the conclusion that you’re going to die alone with 7 cats.

2. Somehow you’ve managed to spend the entire day on social media, and are beginning to feel like a useless human being.

The thing is, you’re not just absent-mindedly scrolling through Facebook while attending to other more important activities. Oh, no – You’re Facebooking like you’ve never Facebooked before. Busy work weeks mean less time for social media, so now is the prime time to stalk that blast from the past that’s starting to look pretty hot again. 

You keep logging out, and then somehow find yourself logged back in. It’s a vicious cycle, and you’re starting to actually feel like a creep.

You find yourself on people’s profiles that you haven’t seen since high school, doing detective work to find out exactly what they’re doing with their life. You honestly don’t even really care, but you just can’t stop clicking.

You’re stalking celebrities on Instagram that you wish you looked like, and mentally reminding yourself to do more squats so your butt can look like theirs. Now you’re looking up butt workouts on Pinterest. (While still logged on to Facebook. And Instagram.)

3. Netflix keeps asking if you’re still watching, and you’re starting to seriously think it’s mocking you.

While watching your favorite show on Netflix feels like a privilege after a stressful day at work, on Sundays it becomes more of an excessive binge-fest. You’ve gotten so enthralled in your show, that you’ve begun to disregard the real world around you. When you do converse with others, you continuously find ways to incorporate the show into the conversation, and to quote it every chance you get. Your roommates are starting to look around for the duct tape.

However, finally that “Are you still watching?” question is starting to get to you. It’s the still part that aggravates you most. How many hours has it been, anyway? Never mind – you don’t want to know. The torment is too bothersome to handle, so for a split second you actually consider getting out of bed and doing something with your life. Then you realize that requires putting pants on. Nah.

4. You can’t decide which you hate more – the fact that you’re ‘wasting your day away’, or that you genuinely enjoy doing absolutely nothing.

You end up rationalizing that it’s okay to be lazy today, as long as you compensate by having a super productive upcoming week. Of course, there are no promises on following through with this – but telling yourself is a start. Right? Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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