8 Dog Breeds Every Prospective Owner Should Consider


Dogs Rock. They’re sweet, cuddly, loyal, and great motivators for you to get up every morning for a jog around the block. And while working for a doggy daycare during the summer after high school, I got to know a lot of them. I could tell you about the dog breeds that tend to roll around in poop, bark from sunrise to sunset, and are straight up unsocial,  but no one wants to read this and think I’m attacking their precious pooch. And I get it! There are exceptions to every rule. Train your dog properly and the chances of anyone grimacing when they see it is cut to a minimum. In my experience, here are the best dog breeds I had the honor of cuddling, loving, and not being bit by for three beautiful months:

1. Golden Retrievers/Labrador Retrievers 

We’re just going to combine these two because let’s face it, besides the coat, they’re basically the same dog. They’re America’s dog. Easy to train. Loyal companions. Will love to more than you than any human possibly could. You’re going with one of these guys? You’re good. Done deal. Case closed.

2. Boxers 

I like to think of Boxers as the Labrador’s flashy cousin. Whether you go with the fawn or brindle, they’re just freaking sweet looking dogs. And my experience with them can back up what you find when doing research on the internet: they’re patient, loyal and love us humans. For the longest time they’ve been on my top list for future family members, and I don’t see that changing anytime soon.

3. Mastiffs

I wish I saw more of these fellas around. They’re massive, beautiful dogs. I would recommend one to any family with a big backyard. And why do I like them so much? It’s because they’re so cuddly and loving and loyal. Is there a pattern going on? I think so.

4. Bichon Frise 

Finally, a little guy! So many small dog breeds get the reputation of being “little shits,” but I’ve never had a problem with these hairy sweethearts. Do you have a daughter that wants a real life doll? Get her a Bichon. They will love each other so much that your heart is going to freaking burst just watching their play dates unfold.

5. Bernese Mountain Dogs 

Working at the daycare, I had a couple Berners come in once every few weeks or so. I can’t tell you what a treat it was. Great dogs with beautiful coats, add them to the list of loyal, loving dogs that are great for the family. As wonderful as they are, this breed is prone to health problems – the average life expectancy is only around 7 years.

6. Great Danes 

For their size, I have never dealt with gentler dogs. Their calm and friendly disposition leaves no doubt in my mind that they’re great with kids. And even though they’re large and need exercise, they don’t need to be overworked.

7. Papillon

Not sure what type of dog to set in your purse? Get a Papillon. These little pooches love being carried more than you love cuddling their soft coat against your face. Sweet and loyal companions, Papillons will always be one of my favorites.

8. Alaskan Malamutes

All right, it’s time to drop two grand. In my head there is nothing more badass than owning one of these dogs. You’ll have to show them that you’re the pack leader, but once that’s established they’re nothing but loyal, loving, and just about the best pillow you can find.

But Sara, what about Pit bulls? Because of breed restrictions, Pit bull varieties are not allowed in most daycares. Do I think they’re wrongly judged, and any dog improperly trained can be dangerous? Of course. But can I recommend them? I can’t, because I have no experience with them. I would love to hear a thousand stories about how wonderful they are, and I wouldn’t be surprised if I ended up with one someday.

In case you recklessly skipped the intro, I just want to say this one more time – there are exceptions to every rule! Do your research before you decide on a dog. I’m not an expert; just a girl who has spent time with some four-legged friends and managed to find some favorites. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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