7 Moments Of Panic When You Move In With Your Significant Other

image - Flickr / Karin Dalziel
image – Flickr / Karin Dalziel

1. What if the only place for the cat’s litter box is in the bathroom? Pebbles everywhere. You’re going to step out of the shower and they’re going to stick to your feet. Oh, God, kitty litter pebbles embedded into your feet 24/7.

2. Forget the cat’s bathroom business – what about yours? Your significant other is going to hear you poop when those enchiladas you had last night don’t agree with you. You’re going to have to plan your poop schedule when your SO is at work. Furthermore, there comes a point where you can’t hold in your farts anymore.

3. Your SO drinks 2% milk. You like skim. (Or it’s the other way around.) Or even the occasional almond milk. So much milk. Jesus Christ, you two are going to need a second fridge.

4. What if you both think the other is checking the mail and it piles up and you two forget to pay the bills and the water gets shut off right before you have to get ready for the job interview that could jumpstart your professional career? OK, totally a stretch, but this scenario may cross your mind….

5. Closet space. So many shoes.

6. How often are you supposed to shave your legs? Is there some sort of timeline? Are other months more lenient than others? Ladies, please help.

7. What if this is the most amazing decision you’re ever going to make? What if this is the first of many apartments or eventually a house with a white picket fence and a golden retriever and a swing set in the backyard and you’re going to spend the rest of your life with the most incredible person you’ve ever met? Get a brown paper bag. Breathe. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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