19 “Old Person” Moments You Suddenly Start Having In Your 20s

Alden Jewell
Alden Jewell

1. You have an epiphany about the importance of multivitamins, and if your friends aren’t already taking one, you list for them the endless benefits.

2. You break down and finally look up what a mortgage is on Wikipedia.

3. Energy drinks make you cringe. People actually put that into their bodies?

4. You find yourself spending less time in Forever 21 and more time in Ann Taylor. You justify that it’s still trendy, but buttons won’t pop off after you’ve been wearing the blouse for only twenty minutes.

5. You’re fed up with ramen and decide it’s time to cook balanced, nutritional dinners for yourself. Steamed broccoli to the rescue!

6. …And after dinner, you make and pack your lunch for the next day.

7. Staying up until 2AM is no longer fun and exciting, but painful because you know waking up for work/school is going to be hell.

8. Whether or not you go through with it, you consider subscribing to a newspaper.

9. The amount of time you have left on your parents’ health insurance makes you a little nervous.

10. The invitations for your friends’ weddings start coming in, and they’re your normal friends, not the “why-the-heck-are-they-getting-married-this-is-a-terrible-idea” friends.

11. You schedule your own dentist appointments.

12. AARP sends you mail.

13. The hangovers get worse.

14. You rethink that picture of you sucking down Jack Daniels or delete a depressive subtweet. You’re aware of what you put on the internet.

15. Dating is starting to feel like a bigger deal that can shape your future, rather than “this is just for now.”

16. The smell of coconut is divine.

17. …You’re using words like “divine.”

18. Your friends are buying puppies and you only hope they understand the responsibility that goes along with owning pet.

19. You’re accepting the fact that you have no idea where you’re going to be five years from now. Half of you is scared as hell, and the other half wouldn’t have it any other way. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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