13 Signs She’s Your BFF

mirela bk / (Shutterstock.com)
mirela bk / (Shutterstock.com)

1. She has seen your naked body more than any guy has.

Maybe it was that one time you got super sunburnt in Mexico and lay naked on the bed or when you drunkenly changed your clothes in front of her. You have seen each other naked. A lot. She has even complimented your shaving job.

2. You flatter each other.

Sometimes you two go overboard on the compliments and they can really get intense. But what better way to express how much you truly love her than commenting on her pictures, for all to see, “She is mine, boys” or even “I want to have your unborn babies”? You are marking your territory—nothing wrong with that.

3. You have date night.

Whether it’s a night in or out, it’s just the two of you and you appreciate your alone time. You look forward to it, and it doesn’t matter what you do or where you go, as long as you are with her.

4. You can tell when she is annoyed or bored in a conversation.

She is making that face and she is so bored she is saying “Really??” over and over. Uh-oh, now you gotta think of an excuse to get her out of that conversation so you guys can make way to the snack table and eat those sausage rolls you were both eyeing. She could totally tell you were anxious that your ex was there because you kept playing with your hair, so she grabbed you a drink.

5. You know each other’s type.

She knows you like the scruffy brunette type of guy who looks like he just woke up from an 18-hour nap. You know when the guy talking to her is smart and they are having great conversation that she is interested and it’s time for you to get out of there and give them space.

6. You know how to deal with each other’s drunk side.

The night obviously is going to start with opening up about how much you truly do love each other and why. But as you get to the bar you know you will eventually find her making out in the corner with some guy after she disappeared all night. It will be OK because your mission after the booze kicked in was trying to find food or cigarettes.

7. You know what pushes each other’s buttons.

The person talking to you guys just said he thinks Madrid is in Italy. You are about to watch her lay down a mouthful on his ignorance. Get the popcorn, folks—she is about to blow up. Also—she skips the country station in the car because she knows you hate it.

8. If you don’t talk for two days it feels like two weeks.

You go to tag her in something funny you saw on Instagram but you can’t. You wanna tell her about the hot yoga special you found online, but you aren’t talking. You can’t quote this Vine one more time unless she knows about it and does it with you. After a while you start missing her funny laugh, the way her eyes widen when you bring up Taco Tuesday and really, just her. You make up and it’s the biggest deal ever.

9. You cuddle sometimes and it’s amazing.

Everyone needs affection, so who better than the person you love most? It usually starts while binge-watching TV shows together or falling asleep drunk. But those are the memories.

10. You know what she likes.

She loves reggaeton and you know if Gasolina comes on in the club you are fully prepared to accept that she will turn into another person. She knows that if you two are going out and there is ANY kind of beverage involved from water to Coke to booze, you will need 2-4 bathroom breaks because of your small bladder.

11. You worry about each other.

You can’t stand to see her get sick again this year, so you make sure she bundles up when she takes the train. She knows you can get distracted driving and always tells you to drive safe after dropping her off at home.

12. Your weird quirks become adorable to each other.

You noticed when she puts sauce on her food she pours it carefully like a scientist handling chemicals so she can enjoy her food to the fullest. She knows when you pour sauce you are in such a rush to eat you spill it everywhere without noticing. She laughs at your butter fingers and how excited you get to eat. You laugh at how dedicated she is to her current plate of food.

13. She is there for you.

When you are at your weakest and feel like you’re a burden, she is there for you—to comfort you, to talk with you, and to listen as you rant. She doesn’t do it because she feels she should, but because she wants to. So she can see you at your happiest again. She wants to see your eyes widen when you mention Taco Tuesday, she wants to see you get excited and go twerk crazy when you hear Gasolina at the club, and she wants you to have a great conversation with the smart guy at the club, because she loves you. When someone knows your weird quirks, things that push your buttons or bug you, or the things that make you insecure about yourself…and they still love you? That is one of the most amazing feelings in the world! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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