4 Reasons Why I’m Not A Huge Fan Of The Big Booty Phase

1. The Skinny Girl vs. Curvy Girl War

When I started to see women who looked like a healthy weight, I was honestly relieved that these unrealistic physique expectations were being pushed away. I thought maybe people would start to accept that not all women have the same body and beauty is that we are all shaped differently. But somehow, skinny women and curvy women separated themselves and turned against each other. Nicki Minaj bashes skinny women in her Anaconda video. Meghan Trainor calls other women “skinny bitches” in her song, All About That Bass and calls anything that isn’t natural and curvy a silicone barbie doll. This sparked a negative reaction on both sides. Now we have skinny girls feeling angry and insecure with their bodies, and big booty women looking down on girls who haven’t been doing their squats. What is the point of being a feminist if we are bashing other women? Women should be lifting each other up!

2. Artists are using their butts to stay relevant

If you think about JLo and Nicki Minaj, they both came out with their jaw-dropping videos when they were slipping in their career. JLo’s original version of Booty involves Pitbull rapping. When it didn’t do well, she quickly put Iggy in the song who is hot and relevant. JLo basically made a porn video with Iggy in the background which is completely based around booty. Nicki also was slipping a bit with her song, Pills And Potions. Then she released the album art for her single Anaconda to put the attention on herself.

3. You are more than your booty

Sometimes I think about hit music on the radio. Why are we always singing about body parts? We sound like animals on the Discovery Channel about to mate with a brain the size of a dodo bird. I question what the human race has become. I’m not asking artists to start writing lyrics like, “I Want To Have An Intellectual Conversation With You,” or “Girl Are You Well-Traveled?” Songs titled Booty and based around booty makes us sound like we’re some savages that don’t know how to write music. Women are more than their booty!

4. The way men see things

I’m not saying that the Anaconda video is going to hypnotize men as soon as they see the video and they will be a walking “booty haze” until the big booty phase is over. But these things do change what the general population see as acceptable or consider taboo. I wonder how these music videos affect young boys growing up who can watch these videos in one click of their mouse when they are easily influenced by what is cool or relevant.

People will always love a nice butt, and there is nothing wrong with that. But don’t you think we are getting a bit carried away? Lets try to focus on the more important things in life. After all, your booty isn’t going with you when you die. Not to end on a dark note, but it will rot in the grave one day. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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