Do What You Want Instead Of What Society TELLS You To Want

Unsplash, Pavel L
Unsplash, Pavel L

Here we are on planet earth, roaming around, creating invisible social norms that we’ve abided by since our very beginning. If one of us steps off the course, we’re suddenly on the wrong path, not doing what we’re supposed to do. But why?

For years we’ve followed the path we see in front of us. It’s nicely paved and lined with golden bricks. “The route to success” it says on the side. And so we close our eyes and walk straight into our mapped out life with our hands down and our mouths shut.

Go to school, get a job, get married, have kids. We follow the cycle, because that’s what we know. We trust it, because others say it works. We preach it, because we think it’s the right way of living.

Truth is… it’s rigged. This whole life thing is rigged. We step off course and wander around aimlessly trying to find ourselves. Our soul is itching to express itself and instead we’ve cooped it up in a body going in one direction. But we have legs! Arms! Fingers that can create, build, re-build, care for, love, and comfort others. So, why do we insist on being like one another?

It’s absolutely ludicrous that we, as the human race, look to the people standing next to us for an okay on every decision. We all, all, have the freedom to make our own decisions, to do our own things, and to live our own damn lives. So why do we need permission? What is so incredibly infatuating about having someone else’s approval? Is being slightly off course such a terrible thing?

What does it truly mean to be the upmost authentic version of yourself? As infants we’re groomed by parents who teach us right from wrong based on ancient principles taught to them by their own parents. Suddenly we’re told pink is for girls and blue is for boys. And to this day it fathoms me how a color defines gender. But we dig it. We go through life honestly believing in these comical principles and don’t question it.

Who was the one that said being a copycat will get you where you want to be in life? And that playing it safe is the best route? How about living within the drawn out lines and not being accepted if you slip? The truth is, we’re all so brainwashed into believing the safe route is the successful route. Success on whose terms?

The problem is that we’re incredibly focused on doing what’s right that we lose sight on what is right for us, individually. Let go of the life you think you should have, because the life that’s yours is waiting on the other side. It isn’t easy to live the life you want, but that’s what makes it worth it. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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