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Maybe Someday I’ll Be Someone’s Tinderella

I still believe in the whole notion of passing each other on the streets, catching eye contact, and magically falling for each other over the course of quirky dates. Tinder was everything I despised.

You Need To Stop Listening To Relationship Articles On The Internet

You spend your entire life hearing about the dangers of getting attached and swearing that you’d be exception, only to find yourself five songs deep into Adele’s new album with one name on your mind. You know all the rules to the game: don’t date the bad boy, don’t be clingy, don’t backslide with an ex. You walk into the preverbal room with all of these cautions in the back of your mind, only to throw them away seconds later.

When You Want More From Your College Town

I’m not unhappy. I’m content within this familiar realm of intoxication, ridiculousness, and satisfaction. I’m even content just staying up late at the library with a small group of friends, alternating between finishing our coursework and laughing over something trivial. It’s everything that you would expect from a first semester in college.

You Need To Walk Away

This constant chase for the impossible, is killing us. There has to be a point when our hand touches the proverbial stovetop just one too many times and we pull away, the burn leaving its last mark. We have to stop reaching for the things that hurt us.