The More You Forgive, The Better You Feel

Getting hurt, being betrayed, being lied to, being cheated on…the list goes on and on. 

For some, forgiveness comes as easy as taking a few breaths. For others, it takes an insane amount of strength and dedication. 

I used to be on that end of the spectrum…the one where holding onto hurt and anger took over my life and I couldn’t seem to just get over things. Even in situations where things didn’t and shouldn’t have mattered much, I had such a hard time with forgiveness and letting go. I was so jealous of those people who could easily let go of things with a smile on their face. And from the outside, I could put on that face of being able to easily forgive and let go. But on the inside I let things sit and boil and cause me so much pain. 

Through thinking about all of this, how I let things sit and how I let pain and anger take over my emotional and mental well being, I came up with a common denominator…me.

It had nothing to do with the person who lied to me or hurt me in some way. I mean, to some extent it did. But I let it get to a point where it affected MY emotional and MY mental well-being and it was time to make a change. For me. 

I’ve realized that forgiveness has a lot more to do with us than the people we forgive. 

Forgiving and letting go means getting rid of negativity and pain that builds up inside of us. It actually feels good. To release that tension you’ve been feeling on the inside. 

Forgiveness is an art in its most beautiful and pure form once you’ve tapped into its roots and core. 

Forgive. Forgive. Forgive. It’ll take that weight off of your chest and you’ll feel lighter. It’s an art that anyone can accomplish if they put in a little effort into self love. You deserve to forgive. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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