10 Silly Questions People Will Ask When You Wear A Hijab

Flickr / Shimal Ahmed (Fulhi)
Flickr / Shimal Ahmed (Fulhi)

I started wearing a Hijab (headscarf) my senior year of high school. It was my decision to wear the Hijab. Wearing a hijab in the west is a challenge but it has been one of the most beautiful, eye opening, and inspiring tests of my life. I often get asked strange, sometimes rude, and weird questions. I wanted to share a humorous side to it by sharing some of them.

1. Do you shower with that thing on?

Yes. I also buy a very specific type of hijab shampoo that smells like lavender and chamomile. I don’t really use conditioner because it just makes my hijab all tangled up.

2. Did your mom sew it out of your curtains?

Actually, she doesn’t sew them, she just lets me and the windows take turns wearing them. Although I think I work the drapes way better than the windows do.

3. Do you get them from the tablecloth section?

Yeah, Home Goods has a nice variety of tablecloths that I also love to wear around my head.

4. Aren’t you hot with it on?

Yes. I would be even hotter if I took it off.

5. Is it waterproof?

Yes. I don’t even need to carry an umbrella!

6. Are you bald under there?

I don’t know…do you want to check? ;)

7. Can you cheat on exams with it on?

Oh yeah! How do you think I made it through college with a 4.0!? It’s not like I studied or anything! The secret flaps allow me to hide my phone and use it during exams to cheat.

8. How does it work?

Well, the square ones take two double A batteries and the rectangle ones (my personal favorite) take three triple A batteries. Depending on the size and color, battery numbers may vary.

9. Do you ever take it off?

No. Absolutely not. Never. It’s been on for the last five years.

And my personal favorite:

10. Will your dad beat you if you take it off?

Yes, my dad will beat me if I take the cloth off my head that I put on by choice.

(Disclaimer: I am treated like a princess in my home and nobody would ever lay a hand on me. Hijab is a personal choice I make every morning when I put it on.) Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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