Date The Person That Makes You Fight For Yourself

Bảo-Quân Nguyễn

You want someone who would put themselves on the line for you, day in and day out.

Someone who would go through hell or high waters to protect you.

Someone who would put up a fight when the going gets tough.

Someone who knows that you are worthy of love.

But, what if that someone was you?

What if you date the person who shows you that you have the power to be the hero of your own story?

Someone who comes into your life with no intention of completing you, because they know that you are enough to complete yourself.

Someone who sees you as more than someone that needs to be fixed or rescued.

Someone who understands that the only person that can save you is yourself.

What if you date the person that motivates you to never give up?

The person who sticks by your side as you build the reality you’ve always wanted.

The one who inspires you to dream, even after you wake up.

The person who doesn’t fill your life with meaning, but who makes you realize it has been meaningful from the very start.

What if you date the person who sees you for who you could be, instead of who you’ve been?

Someone who hands you a mirror to show you the potential you’ve had all along.

The one who makes you question why you spent all this time being so hard on yourself, when you have always been worthy of the same forgiveness you so willingly give out to everyone else.

Someone who knows you will find the strength to make sure tomorrow is a better day.

What if you date the person that makes you re-evaluate your whole idea of love?

The person who makes you realize that nothing ever worked out before because you never took the time to love yourself.

The one who wants to compliment your life, not change it.

Someone who won’t always be able to mend your broken pieces, but who will teach you to love them anyways because they make you who you are.

What if you date your wakeup call?

The one who won’t let you press snooze on your hopes and dreams.

The person who believes in your mind so much, that you start to believe in it too.

The one who makes you wonder why it took you this long to see the beauty behind your scars.

What if you date the person who makes you want to be the best version of yourself?

Someone who makes you want to jump out of your comfort zone and start living the right way.

Someone who shows you that happiness isn’t found in other people, until it is found within your heart.

What if you date the person who will fight for you if need be, but who knows that you have always been strong enough to fight for yourself. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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