Stop Pretending You’re Not Ready For Love

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“It’s just not a good time right now.”

“I don’t even want anything serious.”

“Relationships aren’t my thing anyways.”

“Honestly, I’m doing just fine.”

These are the lies you’ve told others more times than you can count, so much so that you’ve started to believe them yourself.

You’re convinced that you’re just not ready for love. That somewhere down the line a trigger will go off and you’ll suddenly change your mind.

You believe in fate, or so that’s what you say. Whatever’s meant to be will be, so why bother to even try?

But you can only keep up this façade for so long.

Because it hits you when you’re alone.

When a cute couple passes you by.

When everyone around you is singing love songs that you can’t get out of your head.

When Valentine’s Day rolls around and you have no one to call you mine.

When another one of your friends gets into a relationship and leaves you behind.

When you look into their eyes- you know, the one you let slip right by.

They say you’re never truly ready for love, but I think deep down you know that isn’t true.

Because the truth is, you’ve always been ready.

You want someone to share those irrelevant details of your day with.

You want someone to call you out of the blue, just to hear the sound of your voice.

You want to feel the drop in your stomach when you hear those three words for the first time.

You want to have your heart beat out of your chest when you’re sitting inches away from the only person whose eyes are unmatched by the brightest of city lights.

You want to know what it’s like to have someone that would give their all for you.

You’re just too afraid to admit it.

You’re too scared to show that you actually care.

You don’t know what will happen when you finally let your guard down.

You’ve convinced yourself that maybe, you’re just not deserving of love anyways.

See, it’s not love that you aren’t ready for.

It’s the vulnerability.

It’s the thousand question marks that fill your mind.

It’s the leap of faith you have to take.

It’s the risk of never landing on your feet.

It’s the possibility of heartbreak.

It’s the chance of getting hurt once more.

It’s the thought that someone out there could actually care.

It’s the realization that maybe you’ve been worthy of happiness all along.

But if I can tell you anything, it’s that you are destined to love and be loved.

You have been waiting for it all this time.

You are ready to take a chance on yourself.

You have it within you to no longer deny yourself everything you’ve ever wanted.

You know that even if things don’t go right, you’ll be strong enough to pick up the pieces.

You are brave enough to risk feeling lost for the possibility of being found.

You deserve to let endless star speckled skies finally fill those eyes. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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