Here’s Why Perpetually Single Girls Are The Best To Fall In Love With

Paulette Wooten

Fall in love with the girls who have been single for as long as they can remember because they will take you by surprise.

Despite what you may think, they haven’t been spending every minute of the day crying listening to sad love songs or eating Ben and Jerry’s by the pint. They aren’t cold, heartless or stuck up just because they know what they do and do not want. They don’t always come covered in layers and layers of bubble wrap, and they definitely don’t need to be labelled as “fragile”. Because the perpetually single girls are the ones who know how to handle themselves with care. They may have never even been in a relationship of their own, but through perfecting the art of third-wheeling and being the Dr. Phil of their friend groups, these girls probably know more about relationships than you. They don’t need a crash course in love because they’ve a ready learned all that they need to know by finding the strength to love themselves first.

Fall in love with the girls who are the designated single friends because they will show you what it means to be selfless.

These girls know what it means to be truly happy for the people they love. Sure, they might secretly cry when the last of their other single friends leaves the pack, but deep down all they want is to see a smile on their friends’ faces. They’re the photographers behind all of the cute candid couple pictures you see on Instagram, and the ones who don’t mind sitting beside the purses in the restaurant booth each and every time. Nothing makes them happier than seeing the people they care about succeed. They pour their hearts and souls into their friends and family because that’s just what they do. So fall in love with them , because they might just pour their all into you too.

Fall in love with the girls who have gotten so used to buying themselves chocolate on Valentine’s Day because they know what life is all about.

While they crave love just as much as the next person, the perpetually single girls also know that it isn’t the be all and end all of life. They’ve learned how to find beauty in the endless opportunities that this world has to offer. They’re the ones who want to explore as much of it as possible. They dream big and aren’t ashamed of it. They look for happiness not only in the faces they meet, but also in the places they go and the things they hope to achieve. They’ll push you to go after everything you’ve ever wanted and will leave you falling in love not only with them, but with life itself.

Fall in love with the girls who haven’t had the heart to settle because they know that life is too short to accept love that is “okay”.

These girls don’t know the first thing about living half-assed. In a world where too many people are fine settling with “ordinary” , the best ones to fall for are those who believe that love should never be mediocre. The “forever alone” girls have no issues passing up on anything less than they deserve because they want a love that makes them feel alive. They’re the ones who would rather wait they’re whole life for the person that feels right, than to spend every moment living half a life. And if that person happens to be you, count your blessings, because they will show you what it means to love someone the right way.

Fall in love with the strong and independent girls because they will inspire you to fall in love with yourself.

They may be some of the best people to fall in love with, but the truth is, they don’t always realize it. Because sometime they can’t help but buy into all of the stupid clichés. Some days they wake up wondering if they will ever be good enough. But, if being single has taught them anything, it’s to stay true to themselves no matter what. They know that they aren’t perfect, but they have learned how to fight for who they are. And if you give them the chance, they will fight for you too. They will show you that you are worthy of love even on your worst days. They are the girls who see past your flaws and hope that one day, you will find it within yourself to see past them too.

And if they fall in love with you back, be proud, because the girls who are perpetually single don’t usually fall at all. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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