20 Foolproof Ways To Make This The Best Summer Of Your Life

Duri from Mocup

1. Jot down everything you’ve ever wanted to accomplish. Realize that the only thing in the way of your dreams is you. Stop making excuses for why things can’t be done and go do them. Less thinking, more doing should be your mantra this season.

2. Fail. Fail at your summer job. Fail the first time you try to get your license. Fail at love. Fail at life. Fail because sometimes there’s no better way to know what’s right for you, then to get it wrong the first couple of times. Fail so you can learn to pick yourself up. Fail because failing is a part of life. Fail so you realize that failing really isn’t the end of the world.

3. Do one thing every week that terrifies you. Stop letting your fears define who you are. Don’t give anything enough power to hold you back. Go to that dance class you always wanted to go to. Open up to someone special.

4. Change your mind. Be indecisive. Be unsure of just about everything. Contradict yourself. Let yourself grow each and every day.

5. Act like you are 6 years old and today was the last day of 1st grade. Lose your shit when you hear the ice cream truck stroll down your street. Beg your mommy to buy one for you. Scream when she says yes. Remember the time when a pack of chalk and a jump rope was enough to put the biggest smile on your face. Learn to appreciate the little things.

6. Buy that bikini! Remind yourself that you are, and always will be, a badass. Don’t let people’s opinions of you drag you down. Feel comfortable in your own skin. Stop worrying about what other people will think about you. Remember that everyone is a fucking narcissist nowadays and are too busy worrying about themselves anyways.

7. Be vulnerable. Wear your heart on your sleeve. Don’t apologize for who you are. Tell them how you feel.

8. Listen to shitty music. Drink shitty beer. Eat shitty food. Watch shitty movies. But do all of those things with not-so shitty people. Realize that anything can be fun if you surround yourself with a golden group of friends that make you smile no matter what.

9. Stop looking down. Don’t look to the floor when a stranger passes your way. Don’t look down when she catches you smiling at her. Don’t look down on others to make yourself feel less small. Look up and let yourself feel with your eyes. Act as if you’re seeing colour for the first time. Don’t be afraid to hold your head up high.

10. Put yourself in uncomfortable situations. Go on that awkward blind date. Say yes to that third wheel invitation that makes you want to cringe. Don’t just break out of your comfort zone, destroy it. Because sometimes, the things you need most have a funny way of creeping up on you in the last place you expected them to.

11. Go volunteer at a homeless shelter or a distress centre. Sprinkle a little perspective in your life. Stop asking for more and start being grateful for everything you get to wake up to in the morning.

12. Fall in love with someone you know will leave once September rolls around. Let yourself be free from the future. Make the most of the moment. Remind yourself that not everyone in your life will stay. Realize that even though it hurts, you are strong enough to make it through. Know that you will be okay.

13. Go with the flow. Drop your expectations of what your summer “has” to look like. Don’t fret if your summer isn’t going according to plan. In fact, throw your plan in the garbage. You can’t control everything that happens to you, but you can control how much you let things have control over you.

14. Put down your phone for once. Realize that you aren’t holding the world in your hands. Understand that the world is all around you, it’s been at your disposal all along. Go to a new restaurant with friends and resist the urge to Snapchat your food. Go to a concert and record everything with your eyes. Do things for you, not for your social media followers that probably don’t give a shit about where it is you went last night.

15. Plan a road trip with your friends, even if it’s only an hour away from your hometown. While we don’t all have the bankroll to travel half way across the world, we all need a little getaway from time to time. Let yourself de-stress and give yourself that vacation you deserve. Blast the music, stick your head out of the window like you`re the cutest puppy you`ve ever seen and don`t look back.

16. Look up at the stars, if only for one second. Remind yourself how infinite the world really is. Find comfort in knowing that you’re a part of something much bigger than you’ll ever know.

17. Spend more time with your family. Don’t roll your eyes when they suggest “beach day”. Give it a shot. Realize that there are people out there that would die for an opportunity like that. Don`t take your loved ones for granted. Show them how much you care about them while you still have the chance.

18. Try out minimalism for a week. De-clutter your life of excess. Let go of the things that are stopping you from being yourself. Limit yourself to the people, places and things that are most important to you. And if you don’t know what those are, this will be the perfect way for you to find out.

19. Get into a heated debate with a stranger or a friend. Throw facts in each other’s faces. Get frustrated as hell when you can’t believe the garbage spewing out of their mouth. Go through that “oh shit” moment when you realize that maybe they have a point. Let yourself see things from a different point of view.

20. Stop relying on summer to change your life. Realize that you can do any of these things all year around. Whether it’s June or December, it’s never too late to start living. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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