People, Other Than Pimps, For Whom It Is Also Hard Out Here

Folks who left their jacket at home on an unexpectedly chilly October day

Escaped zoo animals

People whose sole source of income is their homemade soap company

Mothers with two sets of triplets

That kid in your seventh grade computer class who did not follow the teacher’s rule of “save early, save often”

The other kid who saved early and saved often but still managed to lose their entire HTML project

Boba Fett, or really anyone in the employ of Jabba the Hutt

Tom and Katie’s mutual friends who now have to choose which mansion to go to for Oscar parties

Misunderstood sharks (only January Jones looks out for them)

Charlie Chaplin, after Hitler stole his facial hair

Philosophy majors

People who are too timid to tell the waiter that this … this is not what they ordered

Adult fans of Pretty Little Liars

Those who unknowingly exclaim “Jesus Christ!” in front of a nun

Those who unknowingly hit on a nun

A Philly cheesesteak vendor in New York, who is constantly dodging accusations of inauthenticity

Telegraph repairmen

Those who honestly prefer Nintendo 64 to any other video game console

Bearded ladies who can’t grow beards

A rapper without a posse

That guy who really does read Playboy for the articles

Prostitutes with whiny pimps Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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