To The Woman Who Loves Too Much, This Is How You Should Live Your Life

Drew Coffman

Not many people understand a woman like you. A professor once told me that anything that is valuable is rare.

Is there such a thing as caring or loving someone too much? Plenty of people make it seem that way.

You are the woman who gives everything and loves people with your entire being. You don’t give up. You believe that people are meant to be these exquisitely kind creatures even if sometimes you’ve experienced glimpses of the unpleasant.

You are otherworldly to say the least. There is a part of your being that allows you to give yourself up for anything or anyone that you love.

It may seem overwhelming to a man who isn’t used to a woman like you. But don’t let anyone make you feel as if the way you love is not the right way. You, my friend, love like everyone should. You are the prime example of a soul who is in this world to make others feel cherished.

So continue to do what you do best.

Continue to boost the esteem of your loved ones. 

Continue to give yourself to people you see worthy. 

Continue to go through life being the nurturer and the caretaker.

Continue to try push through to people who you never thought would see the beauty of love.

From one esoteric soul to another, continue to be you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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