This Is How To Embrace Your Struggles And Let Them Push You Forward

Caleb Jones

How often do we struggle, while working hard enough to achieve our goal?

We fail a lot of times. We blame others for our failures and, sometimes we give up all our desires just because we couldn’t make it and then, we even stop trying.

Did it ever happen to you?

If no, then maybe you have never failed, or maybe you have worked hard enough to attain that success or, to stand back after your failure. But, many of us out there are those who are still striving their way off the struggle and trying hard not to fail again.

Struggle is real. How often do we respect our strengths while we are struggling?

It is generally observed, when we are in trouble our focus tends to move towards our weaknesses and within an instant the strengths we have, are ignored. This is the main reason why we fail to achieve something big or lose everything that was hard earned.

Excuses and Blame Game

We possess a natural tendency to come up with an excuse just because of failing to achieve something or being lazy enough. It can be said that we tend to spend more time in finding excuses rather than working enough to accomplish our goal or any assigned task, which reminds me a statement said by one of my colleagues, ‘You are the superior to your emotions, nobody but, only you can drive them.’

Now, consider this example, you want to wake up early and irrespective of all the efforts, you don’t, but when you find a purpose like travelling to a beach or, play your favorite sport or, go for a ride with friends, you find no excuse and wake up without any hesitation (and any alarm ;)).

That’s how it works. It’s all about interest. The more interested you are, the more possibility you have to achieve that dream. Because, you will keep on doing your best, no matter what it takes.

We give a lot of excuses. Just because we are lazy enough to finish the task, we tend to find an excuse and then procrastinate or simply ignore it. But this ignorance could create a huge impact and sometimes we may even lose the opportunity that comes our way. This is where the ‘blame game’ begins, where we start blaming people around us, for diverting us from our goals or not caring enough about our interests and the dreams, which we have dwelled upon.

The Stepping Stone of Life.

“Life is a journey that must be travelled no matter how bad the roads and accommodations.” – Oliver Goldsmith

We have seen failures in our life and too many failures lead us to step down from our dreams and then, give up almost everything we have achieved so far.

One must understand that if there is light, there will be, for sure, darkness. One must go through the darkness in order to see light and the failures that we encounter is the phase of darkness, which needs to be overcome in order to touch the blossom of success.

But achieving success is not the end of life either. The collection of ups and down, which gives us, varied experiences, sometimes sweet or tough and that is what makes a life. No matter how many times you failed in life, have the courage to stand up again and in fact, rise up with more energy to endure more. There will be a day, when your hard work, endurance and patience to remain firm on the path of your goal, will pave the way and you will find yourself at the top of the world. That feeling to possess should be your purpose in order to face this competitive and tough world.

It is said that, ‘As long as you believe, the clouds will bow down to your feet’. So have enormous faith and belief in yourself such that even if you’re bullied or forced enough to give up on your dreams, you won’t be distracted to their opinions and continue to proceed on your way.

So, never blame others, blame yourself, if you fail then learn from that failure and stand again with no more excuses. Respect your struggles and always believe in yourself no matter how much they give up on you. Simply, Rise and Shine. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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