The Trouble With Starting A Relationship Just Because You’re Lonely

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How many of you are into that phase of life, where finding time for pursuing your own dreams looks difficult, than fulfilling those of your colleagues, best friends, Girlfriend or Boyfriend?

The basic question is..

Are you spending enough time with yourself?

Though you’re dreaming a lot about your better future and a peaceful life, but are you living up for it?

You wish to spend time with yourself, but you cannot proceed because your friends easily convince you to attend another late night party or go out for a movie.

In general, there are many such situations, which obstruct your desires and just to satisfy others, with a thought that we might lose our friendship or they might feel bad, if I say No, we let go our own interests and then start having a sense of regret for the choices we made.

Sacrificing your own dreams just to make others happy is a very common phenomenon among us, but are we being fair enough with ourselves?

The real reason for such tendency is that we do not know our own self. In the thrive of maintaining too many friends, we don’t even bother to be our own friend first and then that of the people around us.

A wise man said,

Don’t rush into a relationship, focus on finding yourself.

Loneliness is a very natural feeling, especially when you’re not with someone you adore or want to be with…

But is it worth, feeling lonely and doing nothing, but just thinking about someone else and dreaming what I will do without him or her?

Well, that makes you insecure and takes you far away from yourself. Instead of thinking about others, invest that time knowing your own interests, your passions and your dreams. Loneliness too has its golden shine.

Don’t be selfish, and don’t be afraid about being Self-loving. Both are different. When you’re selfish, you think of your own benefits by having an advantage over peoples’ situations or say, not caring at all about somebody’s needs.

But when self-loving, you care about yourself, but you do not deter to understand the importance and the needs of the people around you.

Self-love is not easy, like one of my friends said, “there are situations where nobody trusts me, but then I have to stand because I have faith in my actions and I’m sure, if I’m committing good and I am confident enough about it then I don’t need to prove anything to anyone.”

This attitude will make you shine out and if you’re self-confident even during your tough times, people will have no option, but to believe you and that’s the power of self-love which will never let you feel alone, the best part; the more you stand with yourself during hard phase of life, even stronger becomes the bond.

It’s not that self-love has some self-benefits, but also it grows your relationships with others and in fact you start knowing people in a more better way by understanding them deeply.

So it’s like, as you begin loving yourself, your relationships with everyone will definitely be changed and then probably you’ll be wise enough to decide whether you wish to attend that party or you want to finish your pending work.

Also, learn to sacrifice and lose, because that is how you will know your ability to deal with stressed situation alone and which will bring you even closer to yourself.

Do you disagree with my point?

Even Jo Coudert, a famous author once said,

“You do not need to be loved, not at the cost of yourself.”

The single relationship that is truly central and crucial in a life is the relationship to the self. Of all the people you will know in a lifetime, you are the only one you will never lose.

So, in case you’re facing any kind of trouble in life, do a self-check and no matter what happens in your life, never give up on yourself. Ultimately, you’re the king of your own emotions, learn to control them and have faith that nothing can stop you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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