Stop Falling For The Person Who Won’t Catch You

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Love is not about forcing the pieces to fit but allowing them to fall softly, naturally, and painlessly.

Yet we still gravitate toward that pain.

We are so accustomed to being treated badly: having unanswered messages, plans canceled, “you’re beautiful” one night and not even a hello the next, that when someone who actually replies as fast as they can, makes time for you and is not flaky with their words and emotions, we deny our heart a chance to believe it.

Nobody likes being sad. But what is it that makes us continue to create Spotify playlists that make us cry? What makes us keep going back to the same thoughts that tear us from the inside out? What makes us keep wanting to crawl back to what broke us? We do this to ourselves so much that we start to forget the feeling of requited emotions.

We have been carrying our emotions and feelings on our own for so long, trying to give it to people who have their hands closed. So often that we forget about the ones who are in the same position as us. Why do we constantly turn our backs on each other? Continuing our pursuit for something we know will inevitably break our hearts. Everything from unkind words, to hurtful gestures. From not being there when you needed them to flirting with other people. We can’t stop ourselves from wanting such poison in our lives.

And then when there is someone who wants us, we run away.

Who hurt us so bad that we are unable to allow warmth into our veins without keeping up thick walls? Who hurt us so bad that every time we start to think we are falling for someone who actually reciprocates our feelings, we try to find any flaw in them we can to force ourselves to believe we’re not that interested, even though every time their name pops up on our screen, our heart skips a beat.

Let them in.

Stop falling for the person who won’t catch you. Fall for the person who has had their arms wide open since the very beginning. You only do trust falls with someone you know will catch you so why not do the same with your heart? Allow yourself to fall for someone who is allowing themselves to fall for you. Stop thinking about that person who told you they don’t want to be with you. Stop thinking about that person who hurt you without feeling any remorse. Stop saving yourself for someone who will never save you. Because maybe they are in the same position as you. Neglecting the ones who care for them for someone who could not care less. We know how horrible that person can be so let’s not be one. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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