Allow Yourself To Bloom, Even While You Are Still Growing

Kaitlin Shelby
Kaitlin Shelby

Life is a crazy, yet daring ride. You ought to challenge yourself and blossom towards new experiences. Embrace the sun peeking out in the morning with that velvet orange and bright aura that makes you want to smile bigger than ever. Take in those cotton candy skies at 6 a.m. and the breezy winds that pulls you into a warm embrace. Treasure the sound of the ocean, the thrill of a great climb or hike, quiet time in a coffee shop. These are the little things that can make a day worthwhile. Enjoy them. Celebrate them.

Know that even in your hardest moments, you must breathe. Feel lighter. You are a fighter.

Sometimes you’ll be walking in a big crowd and you feel heavy. Your heart is racing and you don’t know why. You feel appreciated at times but invisible later on, you then realize that you’re not enough. These thoughts just keep replaying like a mix-tape over and over again in your head and you can’t control or stop it.

Your existence is being questioned, your worth is being degraded and put down; you were not the prince or princess, but the slave cleaning dishes. But in a world full of “what ifs” and “no’s” or “you can’t do its” — in the darkest situations, there will always be a light that will turn things around. Turn a mess into a reminder that you are blessed. Yes, no matter how crumbling and heart-wrenching, a light that will help you through because you are a fighter.

Don’t give up. You are still growing, and you can bloom while you grow.

But sometimes you just feel like the weight of the world is on you. You will need to apologize for the things that are unnecessary, The feeling of being excessive — thinking, feeling and caring too much. You are then attached to people, objects, things around you. Then there goes silence. The stillness in this universe, everything stops before you.

Take it one day at a time, lightly, dearly and carefully. Take the opportunity with a peaceful and grateful heart. Learn to accept the things you can, and love yourself no matter how difficult to comprehend. Pain — stay strong through it all. It is necessary to feel hurt and fall down a million times, the reason that you’re still holding on is because it is not over. The battle that you’re going through is taken control.

Trust the process, no matter how rocky the circumstance and the ride may be. Know that you’re still growing, and this is okay.

So here’s to all the over-thinkers, the worriers with anxiety, the people-pleasers, those trying too hard enough, the ones filled with self-doubt, the helpless and hopeless, the comets bursting out fire towards a different direction, and the people who have gone through so much pain and hurt — now’s the time for you to let yourselves shine.

You are not too much, you are always enough. You are not invisible, you are a diamond that’s truly impeccable. You are not a problem, because you have the solution.

Hold the stars in your hands, make them your own and let it shine. Dream bigger and higher, make your own decisions. Grow and allow yourself to feel deeply, experience greatly and voice out loudly.

Life is about knowing your worth and who you are, knowing the true source of love and letting it overflow, and most importantly believing that you are a beautiful paradox in this universe. One that must bloom beautifully while you grow because you are worth it. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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