Be Careful With The Girl Who Writes

Open up to a girl who writes; for you will be sure her mind is welcoming to any of your extremities, or to your simplicity. She will never be ashamed of your idiosyncrasies or your quirks. She will encourage each mistake, for she knew mistakes are way to strength, that all main characters are rough around the edges.

Befriend a girl who writes; for she will open doors of endless fantasy you never knew you’ll enjoy. She will introduce you to a language you never knew you will learn. An accent you thought you couldn’t master. You will fall in love with how she embrace each morning with a profound thoughts of yesterday’s lesson and today’s surprises just as how the leading lady in all her story develops with every chapter.

Pursue a girl who writes. Though it is never easy to win her heart, even if it’s a challenge to meet her mind and almost impossible to ride her wits or charm; persevere. For once you have a girl who says I love you with borrowed lines from Shakespeare or a quote from Hemingway, you’ll know then you have found a keeper.

Date a girl who writes; Sure, there will be times your penny can’t buy her thoughts. There will be times you’ll see her cry over a blank piece of paper, and sometimes, you’ll wake up in the middle of the night at the sound of her fingers crushing the keys on her typewriter. But you’ll know that as she pours her heart out, you also see the sincerity she has for small things; therefore you will be sure that she will treasure you, that she will adore you just as how you picture your ideal woman.

Marry a girl who writes; for she is dependable as she is creative. Resilient as she is beautiful inside and out. You will never be bored in your marriage with a writer; for she will always have a new poem to recite, an engaging article to make or a new love story to tell. She will never leave your side no matter how strong the storm amidst your union; she will survive it with you and she will share the experience in all her writings with you as her knight, her king, but most of all, her partner.

Lastly, never cheat on a girl who writes; for she knows how to create a perfect crime. She knows what character to put when her innocence is questioned, what face to wear to fake despair. When her motives are eminent, she knows how to change her expression or to summon guiltless tears. She knows the answer to each trick question or when her tricks are in question. She knows the ideal facade and is patient when it comes to execution.

A girl who writes is the very picture of a dream comes true; ideal. For hell hath no fury like a writer scorned; that as you stare at her as she sleeps, you will realize, her face resembles that of a woman in the news, whose husband’s body was never found. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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