How To Know It’s Time To Say Goodbye To A Long-Term Friend

In life, there is a duality between who you presently are and who you used to be. Not every friend will be able to follow you on your journey to all the yous you’ll get to be during this lifetime.

And that’s okay.

Death is inevitable. We must shed those who no longer sustain us. Some people we meet are meant to be replaced.

That’s okay too.

It isn’t always about toxicity, abuse, or narcissism; sometimes it’s just about growing at a different pace.

If yours or their tree of life is growing faster than the other, it may create shade that prevents the natural growth of your respective trees.

Holding on is a disservice.

Letting go is okay.

Remember, you lived a whole life before you met this person, and you will live a whole life after they are no longer part of it. You will be fine.

You can nurture what you have. But you can’t always salvage what you lost.

What is the alternative? Staying stuck?

What if the thing you are running away from doing is actually what will set you free?

Things that matter are scary, but more often than not they are worth it.

Getting over the fear is the first step to great things happening.

And sometimes it feels scary because we are afraid to be alone.

We fear that no one else will replace this familiar and comfortable relationship, but we have to take a leap of faith in ourselves and the universe.

Stop standing in your own way because you are afraid of change.

There is a whole world of amazing people out there. There is a whole world of people waiting to be part of your life that belongs to this version of you, this moment of time in your growth.

Moving on from a relationship that no longer brings you happiness or fulfillment isn’t a failure. It isn’t weak.

It’s okay.

It is only scary because you don’t know what will come in its place.

But that’s the beauty of life—you never really know until it comes along.

And nothing comes along into life that isn’t meant to be there and bring you happiness or teach you something to be closer to it.

Letting go of any connection is going to be hard, but staying stuck in the past prevents you from finding your way and reaching authentic happiness, if not any happiness at all.

And you WILL feel lost, but it means that at some point you will also be found.

When I freed myself of those who were keeping me for their own gain, it felt great.

It felt great to not have to dismiss my own feelings.

I felt relieved.

I acted in my best interest and I was happier for it.

I didn’t have to tend to others’ feelings and could finally focus on my own.

I was unapologetically myself, and it opened my eyes to the many great friends already present in my life and reshifted my focus towards my wants and goals.

It freed up space in my life to pursue my own happiness.

Love yourself enough to walk away from relationships that no longer sustain you.

If you are reading this, you already know what you need to do, this is just the extra push you needed.