Learn To Love Your Solitude

Joel Overbeck

At the beginning everything will feel unbearable. The single thought that you once had someone to count on, someone to be there for you, someone who listened, who celebrated your victories and cried with you when your heart was broken… it’ll just break your heart even more.

Learn to love your solitude.

Because the one person who was with you through everything has changed. They’re gone and now you’re on your own.

Learn to love your solitude.

Because the person who said that they’d be forever with you, promised way more than what they were willing to give at the end. Because now, they are the reason why you don’t let people in… to avoid this type of hurt. The type of hurt that comes from the ones who swore they’d never ever hurt you, from the ones who you loved the most and held the closest to your heart. From the ones you trusted the most, the ones who repeatedly told you that you meant the world to them, though now you have to quietly watch how they slowly replace you.

Learn to love your solitude.

Enjoy your own company, take yourself on dates, treat yourself. Be gentle to yourself. Find yourself. Find what you love, discover your passion, find who you are without the influence of any other person in your life and your decisions. Respect yourself enough to walk away from anyone who hurts you. Pick all of your broken pieces and mend them on your own – and take as much time as you wish, for everybody mends theirs differently. Pick yourself up from the ground, brush the dust off of you, and as much as it may hurt, go on alone.

You were born as an individual and that’s what you are. You don’t need anyone else to feel complete nor do you need anyone to validate your existence because you already are complete and you, on your own, are a masterpiece that God himself carved.

Learn to love every part of you that you once rejected. Your so called “flaws”, your “weirdness”, the reasons why the people you let in your heart leave you… embrace those, because when the one who’ll be here to stay comes along, they’ll love you for them. And they’ll never make you change for worse.

Learn to love yourself in every way, so that when the next person comes along… you’ll show them how they should love you properly. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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