3 Questions To Ask Yourself To Change Your Life Forever

Abby Lanes
Abby Lanes

A blank piece of paper always sits on the top of my nightstand. When I wake up and wish I could go back to sleep, I crush this paper into a ball and turn on all the lights. I sit in a chair for 15 minutes in complete silence. I toss the paper around in my hands.

When my alarm goes off, I open up the crumpled paper and fold it in half. At the top of the paper, I write down three simple questions.

I figured I would share what I wrote down today:

What Is My Deepest Goal?

To use the knowledge I have to bring value to people around me. To make a good living and be proud of it from my hard work and dedication.

What Is My Deep Reason?

To create my own freedom, to work for myself, to live life on my own terms and make a great living for my future wife and children.

What Are All The Reasons This Is Possible For Me?

  • I’m patient and can focus on any book I read.
  • I have a strong endurance, which allows me to engage in the task and not quit.
  • I’m good looking and that gives me confidence because I can approach people without shame.
  • I’ve made strong improvements recently.
  • I’m in good health.
  • If I make mistakes, that’s OK because I will overcome them.
  • Consistency is the key to my well-being.
  • I gave three acts of gratitude to the people I love yesterday.
  • Today is my time to build a strong foundation that I will live with for the rest of my life.

I suffer from negative voices from family, ex-girlfriends, and bad friends. It would be easy for me to play the victim card, blame society, and my past. But by living by these simple questions and my answers, I’m in control of my own thoughts and my own voice for the rest of the day.

See the power in them. Own your time. Own your work. Own the value you create for others. Own your thoughts.

I have confidence in myself that I will meet the right girl, be happy, and teach the lessons to my child that I didn’t get. I’m glad that I answered three simple questions to change my life and hope that you keep a blank piece of paper ready tomorrow morning. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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