Here’s Why You Should Give The ‘Nice Guy’ A Chance After A Bad Breakup

We’ve all been there — we had our hearts broken in such a way that the only plausible solution seems to be finding a sense of validation in the arms of a stranger after a night out with the girls. However, this ‘validation’ that we often crave and search for usually consists of the stereotypical walking mistake. You know the kinda guy I’m talking about — the one with a killer smile and a list of exes longer than your Starbucks order.

The definition of a classic rebound.

The definition that endless movies and rom coms have brainwashed us into thinking is the natural route to recovery after heartbreak. The kind of guy who you’ll lock eyes with from across the room and, amidst the haze of confusion, bond over fabricated stories of each other’s lives. A story that you both know is woven from a string of made-up events so that you’re unable to form a real bond with each other. For fear that you may end up alone again as you drunkenly pick up the remnants of what’s left when he walks away, which you both know is an inevitable outcome after a one night stand.

But what if you deviated from that stereotypical path to recovery? What if you dated or even hooked up with the nice guy instead? The kind of guy who has always had your back, even after an argument. The kind of guy who has always been your rock and held you down through the chaos that flowed in and out of your life. The kind of guy that made sure your vase always had flowers in them and that your pantry was always stocked up, because he knew how much you enjoyed a warm cup of chicken soup on a cold evening.

What if, instead of going down a path of inevitable self-destruction, you took the time out to build onto a somewhat romantic base with the nice guy instead? It may not lead to a healthy relationship from the start because you’ll still be healing from the pain of your past, but when you do heal, you’ll have something to go back to with this guy because you’ll have a base to build off.

After all, he was with you in the trenches and saw you at your absolute worst. So you damn well know that he’s going to be there with you as you work towards reaching your peak. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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