14 Things You Will Not Expect About Long Distance Relationships

1. “I love you”, no matter how sincerely your heart feels it, does not always feel so real on the receiving end. In being together, there are a million little things we do daily that can express our love but when you’re apart you can accidentally become an iloveyouaholic. Don’t do it! Get creative about cherishing your beloved.

2. Ordering flowers in a foreign language is tricky.

3. What happened to eye contact?!?! Video chat’s don’t do it justice.

4. You don’t forget about them, but you can forget the feeling of being with them.

5. Sharing everyday life is tricky, but consistency is important. There is nothing better than knowing you can expect a text every morning when you wake up, or getting the daily selfie, sharing a new love song… those little everyday things keep your connection alive.

6. Why does my heart have such a big hole in it??? Pay attention because your pain might not only be from missing them. You had other needs before meeting them, you still do now. Stay healthy, give voice to your other needs and enjoy being present wherever you are.

7. Without the shenanigans of life that you’d usually go through together, far less memories are made together. Because of that, your time apart seems to be passing slowly, but has gone by so fast because there is less to look back on together.

8. Your family and closest friends don’t get to build relationship with your sweetheart, which makes it harder to gain community support for you as a couple.

9. Time zone differences actually make it fun! Texts can start with “Good Morning/Night darling”.

10. Guys – You get to save up the money you’d usually spend on taking them out and instead use it for expensive gifts and treasured keepsakes. Girls – you get nicer things.

11. Your relationship matures so much but you won’t realize until you’re together again. What a wonderful surprise!

12. It’s harder to shut off your phone and get uninterrupted personal space, because you’re always waiting to hear from that special someone.

13. The lack of physical touch forces your connection to be completely about discovering the person’s heart and sharing ideas. (Yes, I am an optimist.)

14. Nobody ever daydreamed about being long distance, but when you’ve found the one you want to be with, it becomes worth every moment to you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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