As I Lay Naked Surrounded By Flowers

A black-and-white shot of a woman sitting in a bath filled with water and flowers
Genessa Panainte / Unsplash

as i lay naked in water

surrounded by flowers

i soak in their sweet divine messages

they show me how to grow

how to absorb what little sunshine

is available to them

through the clouds

they show me how to gain the

strength needed

to grow through concrete

they show me how they protect

themselves when the wind is

unapologetic and the rain is

mercilessly pouring down.

they show me the inbetweens. 

the times they trust will surely

arrive even when there is no proof.

the conditions they were promised

to experience when they first

decided to grow.

the moments when all these

elements would coexist in the most

perfect equation imaginable

and all the world would conspire to

let the flowers stand tall, blow

gently, and share their beauty with

those who do not know their name.

a gift, medicine, beauty, joy

all there for whoever wishes to look

upon and witness the wonder

that something so delicate

could be such a force of nature

they want to live

they have a mission to share magic

and all the world conspires

to give times of hardships and

times of peace

but flowers always know

it’s worth sharing their beauty.

sitting naked in a bath

soaking in my skin some salt

some earth

some medicine

who was created in all it’s divine


to offer healing only a few could


how my friend

do we change the world

with our helping hands

we wish so deeply

for our messages to fly

for waves of healing

to crash our misfortune goodbye

but that’s not what we’re here for

we’re here to endure

and see how this whole thing works

it’s a flow

it’s a balance

we’re always barely floating by

but beauty is in the contrast

if you seek to know why. TC mark

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