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If You Want To Learn How To Quantum Leap, Start By Reading This

If you have dabbled in the Law of Attraction, you may have heard the term “quantum leaping” or “quantum jumping.” The first time I heard this, I rolled it off my shoulders. I had heard of quantum leaping being manifestation on steroids, but I was still learning the process of manifestation. I was already so confused and in my head about the Law of Attraction that I could not comprehend the thought of embodying quantum leaping as well.

As I started to understand manifestation more, I asked multiple people what quantum leaping was. I wanted their perspective on it so I could understand it more. I researched. I watched videos. I looked up posts. I just didn’t understand. No one was giving me a straight answer.

So I am here today to give you MY straight answer.

Quantum leaping/jumping should be called “quantum shifting.” It is literally the process of shifting your life completely, starting with your mindset. It is essential with anything you want to manifest to have a clear vision of what it is you are manifesting, even if this manifestation you seek is to become a higher version of yourself (hence the shifting).

Meditate. Meditation is key to staying grounded and starting any new version of yourself. There are many forms of meditation, not just the yogi version sitting criss-cross, fingers touching, and floating in the air dressed in all white. What is something that makes time fly for you? Something you can just get lost in and not have to think about? Do that. Or be the damn yogi! Props to you if that’s your style.

Journal about what comes to mind when you see your life in a different picture. Who are you in this picture? Where are you? What are you doing? What are you wearing? How are you feeling? What is making you feel like that? What is this version of yourself doing to make you happy? What are you thinking about? What are you reading about? What are you doing in your free time? Keep in mind, the brain does not understand the past and future, so write the answers to these questions in the present tense for your future self.

This is a very important step. Be that version of you NOW. Embrace and own this future version of you at this very moment. It may feel stupid. It may feel lame. But you know what? Your fear of looking stupid is holding you back. Go back to the kid version of yourself and play pretend. Be this person NOW and watch what happens.

Be thankful. Accept. Be thankful. Accept. Be thankful for the doors that open. Accept the opportunities that come your way. Be thankful for the opportunities that come your way. Accept the new version of you.

I remember before I was born, and watched my parents get married.

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