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They Always Come Back, But Are They What You Want?

They always come back. There’s a reason why there’s so many songs about this topic—so many poems, so many books, so many quotes, so many people sharing their stories through word of mouth or on their blogs.

Sometimes this is a case of being separated from your twin flame or someone important in your life that you lost contact with while you both navigated different paths in life. And rekindling something there is entirely up to you. When people are genuine, there are no hard feelings.

But the sad reality is sometimes they won’t come back with genuine intent. And in most cases, they don’t.

They come back because you’re doing well for yourself. You have established your independence. You’ve consistently been kicking goals without them. This person wants to slide back into your life without experiencing the sweat and the tears that you fought all this time.

They want to fast forward the steps you had to face alone — the key steps which have shaped you into who you are at this very moment. They want to waltz back into your life like nothing happened — like they never abandoned you in the first place.

Do you really want that? Do you really want someone who never chose to believe in you all this time but jumped on the bandwagon when they saw others believing in you? Do you want that person in your life who left you to fight your battles alone, knowing how badly you always wanted them? Do you want that voice in the back of your head chipping away at your self-confidence while you try to figure out if they want you for you or your newfound happiness and success?

They always come back.

They’ll bring their sweet apologies, reassurances, and gaslighting tendencies along with them and they’ll convince you of their genuine intentions like it’s a fact.

But maybe you’ve outgrown that.

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