4 Ways Adopting Gratitude As A Permanent Attitude Can Change Your Life


In a world that seems to recognize and applaud a bigger-is-better attitude, it’s easy to find yourself in situations where you take the little things around you for granted. We go through our daily routine and begin to pick at all the things we have yet to accomplish, our shortcomings and everything else in between. We compare our lives to the “rich and famous” or the ones who are “lucky,” and choose to ignore the irreplaceable beauty that is in front of our very own eyes: our own.

Imperfection is beautiful; growth is irresistible, and gratitude is the key that will get you where you need to be. During a time full of uncertainty instead of adding to the darkness be the light, the mirror, that shines bright and spreads and reflects positive energy and pave the way so that others feel the need to do the same; be an example of better things to come.

1. Gratitude opens the door to power.

Have you ever been in a position where you have doubted your past maybe even your present path? You’ve made mistakes and can’t help but be out of tune in many ways with yourself knowing you could have done more; that you can do more. It’s normal, and it’s okay. Part of growing and finding your path requires you to take missteps from time to time, but learning to appreciate them and finding the beauty in them instead of beating yourself up for it is essential. Acknowledging that the past cannot be undone but the future is very much in your hands unlocks the power within you that you can harness to find your bliss. When you begin to practice gratitude for all of the things you do have and what you have accomplished in your career, and in life you’re able to manage stress better, make sound decisions, and be more productive which will ultimately allow you to achieve your goals whatever they may be.

2. Thankfulness creates a life of fullness.

As you read this, take a moment and stand there in silence. Step outside, look up at the sky and take it all in. Take another moment to acknowledge the fact that you have been blessed with the gift of life, with eyes that allow you to see the world, with a heart that beats full of love and with a soul that is unique only to you. It is only then that you begin to realize that on a personal level, the things you take for granted are the same things some people wish they had. Make it your mission to be less materialistic, less self-centered and more optimistic, and you’ll see your self-esteem increase. Allow gratitude to guide your spirit. Spirituality doesn’t mean that you need to be a gypsy or give up red meat, or go on some hippy dippy acid trip to connect to the universe. Spirituality is just understanding that everything is connected.

3. Recognition helps you cultivate lasting relationships.

If there’s someone you love someone you admire what is stopping you from expressing and using the two simplest words: Thank you. Be thankful for your loved ones who stand by you even when you cannot see their shadows, be thankful for the strangers that come into your life that plant a seed and take the time to nurture that it into a budding friendship and above all take the time to be thankful for yourself. Giving thanks will help you cultivate a kindness from within that will allow you to form deeper relationships and stronger friendships.

4. Gratefulness eliminates fear.

When you’re grateful for every experience, every moment good or bad, you can conquer anything. You begin not to fear the things you cannot control but rather embrace them and appreciate them given that each one of those moments carries a lesson with a tremendous amount of weight. When you’re able to silence that fear and enjoy the journey, you’re able to grow as an emotional being. Each memory then becomes a happier one, and you learn to relax and trust the process. You become resilient and peaceful and can lead a more relaxed life. As the fear within you begins to subside you slowly become less envious of those around you and instead can live a creative and fulfilled life. You will be wrong; you will stumble from time to time but do not allow that fear of failure to control your future and the greatness that lies ahead.

So ditch the attitude and adopt gratitude. Make every day a thanks-giving. For those who are truly happy and fulfilled in their lives have learned that gratitude can turn what we already have into enough, and more. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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