There Is No Right Time, Just Your Own Time When It Comes To Finding True Love

Jason Corey
Jason Corey

So you have a career, an incredible group of friends, a place you call home, and yet are unable to figure out why the dating gods have somehow punished you and deemed you “undateable.” Before you know it, you realize that you are one of the last ones left out of your group of friends who is still single. Although you are optimistic, one bad date after another leaves you with a sour taste in your mouth. You begin to question your past, your present, and your future all because for some odd reason, you’re still alone. And thus you now believe that your life is in shambles because you’ve reached a certain age and you have not found a person to share your life with yet.

Slowly you begin to wake up and go to work with less motivation and drive, given that you have no one to share your successes with. You lose sight of the important things that matter such as the luxury of being fortunate enough to have a roof over your head and food on your plate. As the weekends roll by, you go out with a burning fire and desire to meet a potential partner, so much so, that your friends become a back-thought, and you lose sight of the real meaning of friendship.

Before you know it, you are here: lost, alone, confused, and wondering how time got the best of you.

However, I am here to lift your head up and tell you that just because you have not found a partner at a particular point in time of your life does not mean that you are any less than those who found it sooner.

I promise you this is all a part of the process, and to find the right person you need to learn to love all the things about you that make you, you.

From your perfectly perfect imperfections to the way you smile, to your aspirations and dreams, and all the things in between, I know that everything about you is amazing. But do you? Please take the time you spend worrying about what has yet to come, and instead appreciate all the beauty that surrounds you. Appreciate your beauty.

Learn to love yourself first and put yourself first so that your energy from within you radiates outwards, and so that the universe can attract the person you so rightfully deserve and crave.

This is not a race.

There is no ticking time bomb. There is no golden age by which you need to fall in love.

Silence the clock and learn to be alone. For learning to be alone builds a tremendous amount of character and even though from a young age we are taught that time is of the essence, there is so much time and so much about yourself that you have yet to discover.

Don’t let your fears cloud your dreams, but rather trust that when the time has come, you will find the person who will teach what it truly means to love. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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