25 Subtle Signs That You’re Falling In Love

Courtney Carmody
Courtney Carmody

1. The irresistible urge to smile when you hear their voice.

2. Doing things outside of your comfort zone just to spend more time with them (such as cooking, nature things, and g-d knows what other random things.)

3. The desire to kiss their face at night before you fall asleep.

4. And to make love in the morning as soon as you wake up.

5. When there is no place you would rather be but in their arms.

6. When you begin to pick up on their odd habits that are most definitely weird (but you still think are ridiculously cute).

7. When the scent of their perfume/cologne sends you into overdrive.

8.When you would rather stay in with them any given night then go out (even if it means missing the Oscars).

9. When you feel the need to solve their problems as if they were your own.

10. When they are the only person you truly feel comfortable around drunk.

11. When you slowly begin to make their hobbies your hobbies.

12. When you can’t help but surprise them with a few of their favorite things.

13. When you start to learn how to speak their language (because let’s be honest we all have our own).

14. When their happiness becomes your happiness.

15. The f*%king inability to get them off your mind.

16. The urge to bite their face and kiss their cheek every time they make a smart ass comment or

17. When minor PDA becomes totally okay and the thought of commitment doesn’t freak you out as much.

18. When you allow them to see you at your worst.

19. But they make you want to be nothing short of the best.

20. When you don’t shy away from a photo op, instapost, or snap (with them, obviously).

21. When you aren’t embarrassed, even when they sing loudly in the car, in public, or at a bar.

22. When it comes to food, you would rather choose to go with their favorites over your own (because you know it’ll make them happy).

23. When your friends begin to b*tch about the fact that you officially suck because you’re starting to hang with them less (and him more).

24. When you can’t help yourself and want to be with that person the majority of your waking life.

25. And when you start to kick all the unwanted attention to the curb because holy sh*t… you’ve fallen in love. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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