25 Lessons I’ve Learned By Age 25 (The Hard Way)

Alexis Nyal
Alexis Nyal

1. Be aware of your energy – we don’t have a lot of it, and some people or situations drain it very quickly. Whether its small talk, inefficiency, or routines, don’t put yourself in those situations.

2. Call your mom – seriously, don’t make those 37 hours of labor a waste.

3. There will always be a reason to say “no” – instead, find (or better yet, BE) the reason to say “yes” and dive into your life among the billion no’s. Take that trip to Cuba or pick up that cooking skill. No better time than now!

4. Pay off your debt ASAP – let’s be real, paying extra money on tuition interest well into your 30s is not sexy if you can help it otherwise.

5. Know how to de-stress – whether it’s a DIY spa night or talking out your troubles, know what will take the stress away from a rough day, as long as it’s healthy.

6. Treat yoself – life is too short to be always crunching numbers. Take a minute to reward yourself for the work you’ve put in; it’s good for your mental health.

7. Know how to work hard – this is essential to growth and success in life. When the chips are down, you gotta know how to level up and motivate yourself to the finish line.

8. Know how to manage your time – the thing about adulting is, it only gets harder. To successfully juggle all your hobbies, responsibilities, work, friends, etc this is essential.

9. Drink more water – so simple, yet so effective. You’re only 75% of it. It curbs unnecessary cravings and cleans out your bowels.

10. Make more memories – we get caught up in anticipating the future that we forget to relish the moment.

11. Invest – whether it’s in your education or stocks, these are little passive things that will pay off in the future.

12. Work on your professional image – if you want to be taken seriously, put time into your LinkedIn profile and mastering a solid handshake.

13. Work on your online presence – but we’re also in the age of the Internet so they’ll be looking for that too.

14. Have a contingency plan – what if it’s all gone to hell? Always have a Plan B, C…Z so you’re not stuck in the mud.

15. Get lost – nothing makes you feel like a kid again like exploring. Or accidentally getting left behind at a Walmart.

16. Challenge the norm – what if you didn’t get married at 23 like you planned? What if you went back to school at 29? Everything we’re brought up to believe, is it really for *you*?

17. Experiment – you will never know what you enjoy if you don’t try it, from boys to ice cream flavors.

18. Know your limits – what are some lines you aren’t willing to cross? Stick to your guns.

19. Wear moisturizer – stop pre-mature aging in its tracks!

20. Be there for your best friend – she’s the only one willing to hold your hair, don’t lose her.

21. Learn how to breathe – you need to know how to stay calm under pressure or emergency situations, others rely on you to do so.

22. Get comfy with discomfort – if you’re afraid of heights and hate roller coasters, ride one just to see what the big deal is.

23. Diet, exercise, vitamins – do you want to be 60 and striving or 80 and thriving?

24. Be supportive – there are things that inconvenience us about our loved ones, but if it’s a healthy passion they want to pursue, who are we to stop them?

25. Stay positive – it’s the hardest pill to swallow, but fake it til you make it. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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