Never Let Distance Destroy Your Love Story

Couple living their love story
Unsplash / Carly Rae Hobbins

Rattling rails and the rhythm – 1

His ears rang,
To the train’s whistle.
Electrified all his nerves,
Sensationalised and subtle.

His eyes, pondered
Through the scenes of the window.
Stuffed with immense elation,
Filled with eternal glow.

A tiny flash on his phone screen,
Brought with it a gush of ardor.
“Where are you?” it read,
Through it, excitement flowed over.

“Three days more,” he replied
While his eyes brew glee.
Smile over took his tears,
For, he never thought, his love, he’ll see.

“Can’t wait!” said the text
Made him turn scarlet.
“Me too,” said he,
Roaming on his dream’s chariot.

Dusk set in, starry sky smirked,
while he glared through the rails.
He remembered her smile,
Which keeps his boat of life, on sails.

A thousand miles away,
The breeze grazed her face.
Enthralled she was,
What dress she’d wear, what coloured lace?

Priceless was her happiness,
Enough to light up the world.
How’d he like my hair?
Thought she, straight or curled?

Little did she know,
Her smile was enough for him to survive.
It was her love that,
His dead soul had come alive.

Flying amidst the dream,
Of, when they hold each others’ hands .
They fell into the embrace of sleep,
Meandering into heaven’s lands.

Rattling rails and the rhythm – 2

And like a million fairytales,
There happened to be dire straits.
For, it wasn’t just their union,
But the union of their fates.

Imprisoned she was,
within the four walls of her room.
And so was her smile,
The flower had just stopped to bloom.

Miles away, the prince,
Unaware of the miseries she faced.
Gleamed was his smile,
All his emotions for her, cased.

There came for the rescue,
The princess’s little brother.
Unlocked the door, set her free,
From all that tried to smother.

On the onset of dawn,
The birds started to chirp.
And that the madame
Was out of the usurp.

She waited near the station,
Staring at the empty rails.
Waiting for her charmer,
Nervous, biting her nails.

Cooing of the train,
Sent chills down her spine.
He stepped out of the train
Felt like he landed to a holy shrine.

As he gazed towards her,
She ran at him, to the world, blind.
The embrace made destiny triumphant,
For, their souls had entwined.

A lore of love, lunch and life.

His hands,
rested on her back.
While her sigh,
grazed over his rack.

Divine was their embrace,
Like the sun and moon had met.
She held him embosomed tight,
Unbothered by his sweat.

At once, reminded they were,
That it was public place.
People around them whispered
Watched, while they slowed down their pace.

They held hands, walked fearless
Towards the horizon of their dreams.
Though the streets seemed similar,
Different were the vibes, vibrant were the gleams.

She used to watch the couples roam,
Hand in hand through every lane.
Sulked in his absence,
Behind his smile, gulped all her pain.

Now that he’s a step from her,
Her heart lighted up, with a precious smile.
His hand, she clutched tight, For, her wait, had turned worthwhile.

While they walked along the street of love,
She heard a growl, rumbling from close by.
Gazed at his face, innocence outpouring, flushed as new.
His eyes were tired, all he did was sigh.

“Lunch!” shouted she, and hunt for restaurant began.
Walking across the roads, a tiny kiosk they found.
He struggled with the language, did actions at them to convey,
While she sat in front, watched him, adored him, spellbound.

Finally was he successful, in ordering a dish he liked,
She sat silent, filling him in her eyes, locked.
As they waited for their food, In their heads, their memories of love, flocked.

And thus they finished their lunch,
But were unable to move yet, Lost into each others eyes,
For their destinies they were in debt.

The flowers of heaven blossomed,
The vibe of amour stretched around,
There were rainbows, stardust flickered.
Unicorns cavorted, healed the soul’s wound.

Then they headed to the bus station,
From where their jaunt was to launch.
He climbed on and pulled her over, closer,
She became a follower of his breath, staunch.

And the bus started to move,
On his shoulder, she rested her head.
It was like amidst the voyage,
She had found a home, her comfort, her bed.

A rain of pearl drops

He gazed towards the window,
At the bunch of coconut palms.
He had travelled down south,
To read through it’s beauty, it’s holy psalms.

While she slept, peaceful
In his arms, encircled in his amore.
He tucked her hair behind her ears,
Her cheeks glowed in sunshine, he couldn’t but adore.

The spark lit up her smile,
While she tried to hide it.
Into his chest, rubbed her nose, red
On his shirt, with love, knit.

Melted she, like a glacier, clean
Into his heart, flawless she flew.
As she entered, it filled the puzzle.
It just fit in, perfection, she drew.

The chilled breeze touched their cheek,
While the tiny droplets, trickled from above.
The skies, sapphire, sent blessings.
Rain showered outside, while inside showered love.

Within his embrace, she slept peaceful,
The droplets sprinkled on her face, soft.
He held his hands against those drops,
As if were a warrior fighting against the arrows, oft.

With his back getting wet,
He slowly pushed the window, close.
Shivered he, in cold cause of his wet shirt.
Gentle he was, cause he feared he might awaken his rose.

While at it, the bus stopped suddenly.
She woke up, in ambush, because of it’s jerk.
Tightly she clasped his fist, scared and baffled.
He gazed towards her in love, while her face was lit with smirk.

A Cup of Coffee and two spoonful love

They headed down the bus,
He ran first and stood for her down,
Clasped her hand, like a prince charming,
With sparkle, lit up her eyes, brown.

They loaded their backs with bags,
While their heart loaded with love.
There was start to new moments,
The skies sung a carol, from above.

Amidst the drizzle and cold winds that blew
Hand in hand they ran, escaping from the rain.
Across the street, towards the hotel they had booked,
While within his encircled arm, he protected her from all the pain.

His warmth, warmed her heart, in real,
Cozy she felt, as her lips curved, in a pretty smile.
While they walked, they realised,
Their wait to meet each other, had turned worthwhile.

It was like the Cupid had hit his arrow,
To the cloud, to pour the rain, of ardor.
She looked at his face, whimpering,
“I’ll get an umbrella, hereafter.”

He chuckled, while he looked at her face, cute.
“Coffee?” Lovingly, he whispered in her ears.
“Oh yes,” she rejoiced, cause she was cold and wet.
But his smile was enough, to keep her warm for years.

The winds blew, freezing the town,
Soothing was every sip.
The gazes exchanged between,
Thousands of words, sealed under the lip.

Wet clothes, yearning to get off
Bringing out the goosebumps, intense was the frore.
While she bit her teeth, shivering,
Her hair, dribbling wet, he couldn’t ignore.

Destination was reached, running they went inside.
He headed for the keys, while she ran upstairs,
Impatient she was, so was he for her.
He tucked in the bolt, while within heart, lit intense flares.

A moonlit merge

‘Click’ and she turned back
It was him, locking the door.
Enthralled were her eyes, while he smirked,
A gush of feel rushed their veins, like never before.

The rain sang a little louder,
While the noises in their mind silenced.
They could hear each others’ heart beat,
The sighs and breaths, balanced.

With his wide arms, he advanced,
Embraced her within them, crushed her hard.
That warmth was what she yearned for,
Which healed her heart, scarred.

She looked up, to his chin,
And he looked down, to her forehead.
And at the right moment, lovely,
Their eyes met, staring at their future, ahead.

It was meant to be, their bodies to meet,
The hug had channeled their souls.
Her waist felt his touch, while her aroma filled his nose,
Two flowers of love blossomed, who were apart by poles.

The cold wind escaped the window crack,
Blew over her back, shrugging her.
Making her grab him tighter,
The evening so bright, yet blur.

He pushed her towards the wall,
On his neck, she breathed a sigh.
And when her hands pulled his shirt down,
Her lipstick stained his lips, made him high.

Like a wanderer, in a desert,
They were thirsty, for love, infinite.
Now that they had found their oasis,
The stars sang the song of twilight.

Her bosom pressed against his chest,
While his hands slid down to her waist.
Every nerve lit, they were high, yet sober.
When he drew through her body, so chaste.

Her locked heart, all of a sudden had a key,
They found the bed to be a place of salvation.
He stared at her eyes, while over her,
And the moment was set ablaze with passion.

Faded into each other, their colours mixed.
Her red flowed, and her toes curled.
When all his love spilled like honey dew,
And their tongues, with each other, twirled.

Their breaths entwined, so did their arms.
And their eyes flew into the dreamworld
On his chest she slept, breathing out peace.
Stars twinkled, fireflies sparkled and breeze swirled.

At the middle of the night he woke,
Sat by the window, beneath the moon and the stars.
Sang a tune, strung his guitar, soft.
There was silence all around, no noise of the cars.

The soft song, unfurled her eyes bright.
She looked at her love, smiled.
Hugged him from the back and kissed his head,
Thus night grew glittery, moon lit and mild. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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