Why You Should Write, Even If It’s Only For One Person

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I have finally started publicly writing, and let my tell you, that first post was terrifying. When I made my website and shared that very first piece of writing, I felt as though I was actually taking a massive dump in front of an auditorium of every niece, cousin, high school friend and random acquaintance. But really I had just shared my passion for writing and travel on Facebook.

What I’m trying to say is, I felt incredibly vulnerable. And low key, a little embarrassed for some reason. I felt like people were secretly saying how terrible my work was behind my back. I felt like I was making a big deal out of something that no one other than those close to me would care about.

I think everyone who creates anything feels this way and so I pushed through.

Friends, family, my husband and coworkers were all so supportive and it gave me the push to keep going and really putting myself out there.

Bt the fifth post I wrote, I had gained some confidence. I mean hey, people were reaching out to me and saying they liked my writing! Even if it was just my aunt or manager at work, that in of itself felt amazing. I couldn’t believe people would care about something that was so fun and enjoyable to me. I couldn’t believe I was finally sharing my passion and people were actually reading it.

But then, something even more worth it happened. And it made me realize I would never give this up.

I had posted an article on Facebook and someone said, “I needed this today”

It wasn’t my Mom, or my best friend. I barely knew the person at all. And in that moment I recalled all the times I read something that felt like it grounded me, something that inspired me or made me feel like I was enough. And I realized for one person, I achieved some form of this. I gave them something from my words.

Writing can be personal, it can be a diary that you hide under your bed and burn in a fireplace when the pages are full. I have plenty of things I write for myself. But I wanted to share some of it with the world. For years I let fear keep me from doing that.

But let me tell you, if you want share your writing. You should. Even if it only reaches one person, it’s worth it.

That feeling of knowing, that they read your words and found something in them, makes all the shots in the dark, typing and proofing and doubting…it makes all of that worth it.

So maybe try, and maybe you will make something that someone else in the world needed to see that day. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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