To The Girl Who Emotionally Destroyed The Man I Love

Nadja Tatar
Nadja Tatar

I often wonder about you. How pretty you are, what color hair you have, what your personality is like, if you have piercings and tattoos or if you have a good taste in music like he does. But most of all, I wonder why you did it.

I wonder why you broke him. I wonder how you can sleep at night knowing you broke someone so badly that they can’t love again. I wonder why and how you could possibly take a beautiful boy like him for granted. Have you even seen that boy smile or heard his laugh?

I heard things like you cheated on him and that put him in a bad place but I don’t even care about the details. All I care about is that you hurt someone I genuinely fell for even when I didn’t think I could.

I blamed myself for not being good enough even though he said everything to make me believe that wasn’t true. I sat on my bedroom floor listening to Taylor Swift’s “All Too Well” every night for weeks and cried because it perfectly fit how I felt.

He was the one that broke up with me, yes. But it was all because of the damage you did. I thought that I would be the one that changed things for him and made him realize that it is possible to open his up heart after a storm and love again, but I was wrong. He’s become too comfortable being on his own; because of you.

So to the girl that broke him, I want to say that I hate you but at the same time I envy you because you have a part of him that I’ll never have. His heart. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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