Tuition Is Too Damn High (A Poem)


Philosophy doctors and masters of art,
such accolades one comes by!
We’d make great additions to scholar-traditions,
but tuitions are too damn high.

Debts to pay and rents to make,
wage gaps and healthcare – oh my!
It’s hard to enroll when you live on the dole.
Tuition is too damn high.

My dream career beckons and jobs are quite scarce.
I wouldn’t think twice to apply…
But even entry positions are costly ambitions.
Tuition is too damn high.

What are you joking? That much per year?
Hold me — I think I might cry.
The bubble will burst before I’m reimbursed.
Tuition is too damn high.

“You don’t need grad school. Work twice as hard!”
They say without batting an eye.
Sound optimistic? I’m going ballistic.
Tuition is too damn high.

You might call Millennials lazy.
And to you, I provide my reply:

It makes me upset
that you think we would let
all this crippling debt
to become such a threat.
I don’t ask to get
every single need met
but I can’t help but fret
because, lest you forget:

Tuition is too damn high. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

image – AMagill


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