To The Woman Waiting For Him To Change

In case you haven’t heard it lately, allow me to start by reminding you: You are worthy of more than someone who only takes from you. If someone cannot — at the bare minimum — maintain what you are giving them, they do not deserve another ounce of energy, time, or dollar from you. You are a miraculously strong and kindhearted woman. Give yourself time to find someone who will appreciate these things about you. Don’t focus so much on being by yourself. Be with yourself.

People have a tendency to accept whatever you throw at them. Offer them a day or two of your time waiting for them to finally pick up the phone and ring you back? They don’t care — they know you’ll answer. Pay for the two of you to go out time and time again because you fear you won’t see them if you don’t make things simple and appealing for them? They don’t care, you’re covering things for them.

People will let you put yourself in a bind to make their lives easier time and time again. When you extend a hand to help someone else, understand that not everyone is going to do you the same courtesy you have shown them. Not everyone in this world was raised to have a kind, generous, listening and patient soul as yours.

Give yourself time to see who in your life is truly showing up for you and who is only waiting to see what you have to offer them. Allow yourself to set the boundaries you need to set with these people. Know it is okay to say no. It is okay to ask others to do their part.

Most importantly, it is wonderful to be you exactly as you are. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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