You Have To Fail To Get Up And Start Again


I’ve been thinking a lot about the areas in my life where I am not letting go of things, and every time I find the same answer…because I don’t want to be vulnerable.

Vulnerability is terrifying. It’s putting yourself out there and allowing yourself to get pushed around, even knocked down. It’s allowing yourself to open up; to make room for something new – something that has the potential to break you.

But isn’t that the point?

Sometimes you have to be broken, so you can break open and become free. So you can grow. Growth doesn’t come from playing it safe or by holding on to something that no longer serves us. The first step of growth is vulnerability. It’s making the conscious decision to do something new and different.

Even if that means failure.

And vulnerability doesn’t always mean you will fail or get hurt. Sometimes you open yourself up, and the good things start unfolding all around you.

Either way you have to be vulnerable first. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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