10 Unexpected Places To Meet New People In Your Bustling City


There’s got to be a good reason for paying more than half a monthly paycheck to live in the city rather than living with parents in the suburbs right? City life is fun and glamorous, with what feels like endless options for places to eat and drink and hang out with friends. If young people make up the majority population of most cities, then why is it that so many still struggle to meet people? Without going into a rant about how people never look up from their phones, I pose a challenge to pay extra attention when in the following situations, and see if you can work up the courage to talk to someone IRL.

1. Public Transportation

Yes ladies and gentleman, you can find love on your commute home. My friend met her boyfriend of 3 years riding on the T in Boston, then just two strangers making conversation. Getting stuck in the dead zones where you can’t even use your phone creates the perfect opportunity to chat to someone near you. Just complain about the delay, for starters.  If you are thinking that the hottie reading near you is #hotdudesreading Instagram worthy, just ask him if you can take his photo. Boom!

2. Coffee Shop

Try relaxing with your drink of choice and scope out the scene. Need a reason to start a conversation? Ask someone to watch your stuff for you while you go to the bathroom. When you come back, be sure to thank him or her and try flirting/chatting a bit. Chances are if they are chilling alone, they might be single. The fact that they are comfortable enough with themselves to hang out solo is definitely attractive.

3. Bar

Do your research. Find bars in your neighborhood that speak to you. If you are going out with your friends, make a pact to be social and go meet strangers together.

4. In Your Apartment Building

If you are young and single, chances are there are other young singles who live in your building too. Keep running into the same person in the lobby? Why not smile and ask how their day was? If you need some help, say with opening a jar of salsa, or if you can’t find a wine bottle opener, why not knock on a neighbor’s door? Who knows, they could be your future BFF!

5. Dog Park

Don’t have a dog? Find someone you know who does, and ask them if you can tag along! Watching dogs let loose and play with each other is not only highly entertaining, it also can be a great social opportunity for the humans involved. Talking about your dogs is an easy conversation starter. Even better if your canine companions hit it off; arranging a play-date for the two of them, while you two get to know each other, is a win-win.

6. Your Neighborhood Farmer’s Market

People who get up early enough to cease the day by starting it off with a visit to the farmer’s market are already winning at life.  Go ahead and be bold, get your flirt on while discussing your favorite type of cheese.

7. The Gym

It depends on what kind of a gym person you are. There’s nothing wrong with being the type of gym-goer that just wants to get a good workout and look fierce and unapproachable the whole time. I am that person sometimes. But, it’s also fun to be open to meeting new people at the gym. Whether you bond by the locker, or by the water fountain, or waiting outside the studio before your class, gym buddies are the best.

8. Laundromat

The Laundromat, or being stuck in a hot, steamy, room that smells nice, with nothing to do for at least an hour and a half, should be a breeding ground for new relationships. It’s an experience that no one enjoys, but why not make the effort to change that by striking up conversation. You can joke that you’ve already seen each other’s underwear.

9. Recreational Team

Being part of a team has so many benefits, and has the potential to be the perfect setting for meeting your future significant other AND for finding a new squad. Those who sweat together stick together! Don’t like sports? Try the kickball or bowling teams. There are plenty of co-ed options for people of all activity levels.

10. Your Favorite Lunch Spot

Working in the city means you are surrounded by temptation, food wise of course. Where you choose to go to lunch each day is a big deal, and your choice says a lot about you. If you pay attention, you will notice that you are not the only one who frequents your favorite place. Be bold, and sit next to the cutie who is also eating solo. Who says lunch has to be associated with the friend zone? #transcendingtaboos Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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