10 Things Dudes Have GOT To Quit Doing With Their Dating Profiles


1. Including a child in your profile photo.

Maybe it’s my age, or the fact that I am nowhere near ready to think about becoming a mom, but posing with your niece or nephew is just not a good idea. Yes, of course kids are adorable, and you do get points for knowing how to interact with them. Though if I don’t make the effort to read your info, I would never know whose kid that was. Nor would I care, because I would have already swiped on. Sorry to all the dads out there, but in all seriousness if you are looking for a new partner, maybe pay for a real dating service? Just a thought.

2. Looking away from the camera, frowning, or doing anything but smiling in your profile photo.

First impressions are important, and the key is to look as normal as possible. How can someone look normal? Well, for starters, I want to see someone who is happy. If you are not smiling or looking into the camera, it’s hard to tell that you are. Also, confidence is something you can embody by giving your best look, front and center, in your photo. Artsy folks, I get that you aren’t into mainstream photography, but just try to have one photo of you looking in our direction.

3. Making snarky comments about height.

The height factor will stand the test of time, so it is seems. Yes, it is true that some girls will judge you based on your height. If you are proud of your height, by all means let us know. I find it really annoying though, when guys feel the need to add a cheeky comment like, “because I know you care,” or 5’11” with heels.” While sarcasm is definitely welcome in my book, in this case it just makes you sound bitter.

4. Wearing sunglasses in every photo.

Hey guys, it’s winter. What are you hiding under there?

5. Group photos.

I think the average time spent judging a profile is about 2.52 seconds. I’m not going to waste my time looking for you. Are you trying to trick me into thinking that you are actually your better looking friend? That’s always a let down. Also, it just projects a lack of confidence when you need to be surrounded by other people.

6. Gym selfies.

image courtesy of the author
image courtesy of the author

Preach. Nuff said.

7. Revealing shirtless photos.

It don’t matter if you are just looking for a hook up or have a body like Chris Evans. Keep your clothes on please, leave the rest to our imagination.

8. Food photos.

This is just a huge no no. It’s great that you like to eat, but we don’t need to see it.
I saw a guy hugging a giant Nutella jar in his profile picture. Is that supposed to make me interested? Or start craving Nutella, which, lets be honest, is more likely.

9. Detailing your ideal woman.

I’ve noticed that some guys choose to include a checklist of what they are seeking in a lady friend. It’s great to know what you want, but it gives off the impression that you are pretty close minded. If we don’t fit your description, it’s just an easy reason to move on to the next one.

10. Including a dog in your photo, and then saying it’s not your dog.

Okay, so I get that you want to hook us, and dogs are usually a great tool for that. But, dude, if it ain’t your dog, then you’re just getting our hopes up for nothing. That is just frustrating, and if you are gonna tease us off the bat, it makes me wonder what other tricks are up your sleeve. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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